lunedì 26 agosto 2013

To/Die/For Kuopio 23.08.13

To/Die/For -  "At the end of the world" - Live Report 

After two months spent between airports, gates, check-ins, festival lines and so on, there comes a time when you only dream of a small, relaxing, familiar place at the end of the world, where you can be with yourself and hear the old, good sounds that made you fall in love with music, the perfect place to be with friends and drown in alcohol all the sorrows of reality.   TDF were born from a rib of  Mary Ann and they are one of the many Finnish bands who gained a great respect. As soon as they start to play, you immediately feel to be in front of  a unique entity, not of a band made up of single individuals, almost like a toy that needs all of its components to work. I saw them many years ago, and their sound has slightly changed during the years, both for purely commercial reasons and line up changes. Now they have come back to their original  dark rock roots, without being cheesy. 
Although some influences are not to be denied and remind of five dudes playing some unique melodic death metal in the basements of Muhos, the exchanges between the two guitarists remind me of the wonderful eighties, and the melancholic, doom keyboards are the perfect bridge between the new and the old. I must say that Jape's voice is much more beautiful and amazing on stage than in a cold digital release. Live it sounds very familiar and intimate. And while the concert draws to its end, "Live in You" and "Wicked Circle" move a little bit also people like me, who although used to attend to many concerts, suddenly finds herself  almost like an orphan... 
This is the message these six guys want to give to us, this is the magic of the music and if you don't believe me, try to find your own little corner: only then you'll understand what I mean ...

(Michela Kuopio 23.08.13)