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ÁRSTÍÐIR - Interview and brand new video!

Photo cr. @Juliette-Rowland

Today marks the release date for ÁRSTÍÐIR's brand new album 'Nivalis', and the enigmatic Icelanders are celebrating this with the release of a spectacular new video for the track 'While this Way'. 

Band gave us also this beautiful interview... Enjoy!

Interview by Michela (Anesthesia)
Photo cr. @Juliette-Rowland

LFdM: Hi guys, thank you so much for this great opportunity.
Let’s start out by introducing your band to those readers who have never heard of you before. What is the story of ÁRSTÍÐIR?
We're celibrating our tenth anniversary this summer. Our band was formed in 2008 and we performed our first show the same month as the banks crashed over here. Two years later we we're embarking on our first international tour, and we nearly did not make it because of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. But part from financial calamities and natural disasters, our career has been a fatastic journey that has taken us all over Europe, North America and to the depths of Siberia, and now we're about to release our 5th studio album Nivalis on June 22nd.

LFdM: I read this quote about you: “mixing many influences taken from different styles into something quite unique, which might tentatively be dubbed Icelandic independent”. Is this how you would try to describe your sound?
We just write the music and then we leave it to others to put a label on it. Through the years we've been called all sorts of things: folk, indie, pop, world, minimalist, progressive, rock, chamber pop and sometimes just “Icelandic Independent” like you said. I actually think that comes closest to describing us.
The fact that our music mixes a lot of influences, and the fact that it is hard to put a label on it, is also the same thing that makes our fans drawn to our music.

LFdM: I think your music is very related to the creation of situations of extreme contrast: you suddenly change from a quiet part into a blasting black-like sequence and back into a softer part. What should we expect in terms of sound or feelings from the new album ?
It's true, we play a lot with dynamics. When we make albums it's a roller-coster ride of emotions for us, and the music is a reflection of that. Some songs can be very tender and and minimalistic, and others can be dramatic with epic finales. This constant turn of emotions comes natural to us when we're writing, and it keeps it interesting for us when we play. So expect a roller-coster ride when you listen to Nivalis.

LFdM: The artwork of the new album is really simple. What’s the meaning behind that? And how does it connect to the album?
Nivalis is a latin word that means “Like Snow”, and is often used in latin names of anmimals and plants that live in arctic environments, and thrive in cold and hard conditions.
Living in Iceland people tend to be very affected by the nature and weather conditions, and how these change with the seasons. Our name, Árstíðir, means “seasons” in Ielandic and in our mind birds represent the changing of the seasons. Some migrate and come back, others stay and change the colour of their feathers. Many of our albums have had pictures of birds or feathers in some way.

LFdM: Do you read reviews about your works? Does it have any further influence on your creative process?
Yes, of course we read them, but we try not to get influenced too much by them. We just try and stay true to our musical expression and play music that we believe in. When we play concerts and see the reactions of the people listening then THAT is what truly matters.

LFdM: What are your next tour plans?
This September will mark the beginning of an intense touring period. The final dates are being settled, and so we'll announce very soon. We hope to see you on the road!

LFdM: That would be great guys! Thank you so much for your time and let's hope to meet you live!

KONVENT – Sign With Napalm Records!

Slowly but insistently, resounding bass riffs and a brutal death vocal will pierce through your body, as KONVENT make you feel their love of heavy and simple oldschool doom. Last year KONVENT released a demo, which quickly became the beginning of a warm welcome into the Danish underground scene, and since then they have played all over Denmark with great reviews.

Now KONVENT signs with Napalm Records worldwide!

The band on the signing:
"We are extremely proud to be teaming up with Napalm Records on our coming releases, that we a currently working on. This collaboration will give us the help and support we need to take our music further and we can't wait to show you all of it next year, when we release our debutalbum through Napalm Records."

At the moment the band is focusing on making new material to release. Be on the lookout for a brand new studio album in 2019!

Heidi Withington Brink - Bass
Julie Simonsen - Drums
Rikke Emilie List - Vocals
Sara Helena Nørregaard - Guitar

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - svelano la copertina e la data di uscita del singolo 'Here Comes The Boom'

La più grande crossover band europea, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR, ha pubblicato la copertina e annunciato la data di uscita del nuovo singolo 'Here Comes The Boom'.

Il singolo uscirà il 13 Luglio 2018 su Nuclear Blast.

La canzone è tratta dall’attesissimo secondo album, ancora senza titolo, la cui uscita è programmata su Nuclear Blast per quest’anno. L’album è stato registrato con Joe Duplantier dei Gojira nei suoi Silver Cord Studios di Brooklyn, NY.


[photo by Karin Hackl]

Austrian-based post-blues trio THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE has unveiled first and hotly anticipated details about their upcoming album! 'RED RAIN TIRES' is the second record by THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE and will be released on September 28th with Noise Appeal Records.

To give a first appetizer, the band just premiered a first single for the track 'Caroline' with THE OBELISK, which can be now also streamed and downloaded here:

Amazon Album Preorder & Caroline:
iTunes Album Preorder & Caroline:

A touching music video for 'Caroline' has been premiered earlier, dive into the unique and atmospheric sounds of THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE and watch the video right HERE!

"On RED RAIN TIRES we created floating structures within the songs to dive into,“ the band comments. „It's full of weird but yet precise sonic landscapes and still in constant touch with the rough spirit of long-forgotten prison songs. We're really looking forward to share this piece of intimate but untamed music with you - Love it, hate it, buy it, spread it - in either case enjoy it!"

The Eternal release new single & Lyric Video

The Eternal have released the first single from their upcoming album ‘Waiting for the Endless Dawn’. ‘In the Lilac Dust’, which features the enigmatic voice of Mikko Kotamäki from Finnish doom legends Swallow The Sun, is available on all major online services such as Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music through Finnish Label Inverse Records

The current incarnation of the band featuring Mark Kelson (Alternative 4, Insomnius Dei, Cryptal Darkness), Martin Powell (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Anathema), Marty O’Shea (Dreadnaught) & Dave Langlands alongside the addition of renowned Australian guitarist Richie Poate (Dreadnaught). The band have spent over 3 years writing and recording what can be best described as the bands darkest & heaviest album to date.

Waiting For The Endless Dawn proves to be a heavy hearted, dark statement in the bands diverse and long career, which will see the band endeavouring to tour extensively and performing the album in it’s entirety in 2018 and beyond.

giovedì 21 giugno 2018

KARDINAL SIN - Victorious


Release Date: April 27, 2018

Genre: classic heavy metal

Country: Sweden

1.Patria Fatherland
2. Walls Of Stone
3. Mastermind
4. Victorious
5. Bonaparte
6. S.I.N.
7. Revenge Of The Fallen
8. Secrets Of The Pantomime
9. Raven Quote
10. Attack
11. Bells Of Notre Dame Revisited
12. For The Heroes (bonus track)

Finalmente ristampato il debutto dei Kardinal Sin, pubblicato lo scorso autunno , come autoproduzione, nella sola Svezia e oggi disponibile in tutta Europa grazie alla Massacre Records.
I Kardinal Sin sono l’evoluzione dei Rough Diamond, band attiva dal 2005 con 4 EP e un full-lenght all'attivo. Il cambio di nome e l’ingresso in formazione di una seconda chitarra (Sophie Conte) non hanno comunque portato nessuna modifica al sound della band, un power metal melodico di scuola Edguy/Stratovarius, con qualche sprazzo sinfonico  qua e là.
Purtroppo i Kardinal Sin rimangono una band fortemente derivativa, priva di quella personalità che potrebbe farli emergere dalla massa. I 12 brani di Victorious si ascoltano con piacere, ci regalano qualche scossa ma non affondano mai il colpo, limitandosi ad un’onesta routine.
Un cantante dalla voce meno ordinaria avrebbe sicuramente giovato a tracce come l’helloweeniana title-track, la ballata “S.I.N.” o “Revenge Of The Fallen”, sorrette da buoni refrains. Interessante anche la pianistica “For The Heroes”, mentre brani scontati come “Raven Quote” o “Attack” sembrano davvero outtakes degli Stratovarius. Non brilla nemmeno la rivisitazione del tema del “Gobbo Di Notre Dame”, stucchevole e piuttosto noiosa.
Un album riservato ai fans più oltranzisti del power metal!


Danne Wikerman – vocals
Jocke Vahatalo – guitar
Sophie Conte – guitar
Hannu Viita – bass
Micke Asp – drums
Thomas Geson – keyboards

Swedish melodic death metal pioneers IMPERIAL DOMAIN return with a new album!

Swedish melodic death metal band IMPERIAL DOMAIN released a first single 'True Face of War' from their upcoming third album 'The Deluge'. The album is released August 10th 2018 by Finnish record label Inverse Records

Imperial Domain was formed in Uppsala, Sweden, back in 1994. 

In June 1997 they recorded their debut album entitled ”In The Ashes Of The Fallen” in Sunlight Studios. The second album entitled ”The Ordeal” was recorded in October-November 2000 in Prime Studios.

Both albums received great reviews around the world and the band continued to play until 2005. From that time the band members continued to play in other constellations until they decided to start up the band again in 2014.

The hunger for making music was there again and they all were eager to create something new, this Imperial machine had more to offer. But unfortunately, tragedy struck the same year as the singer Tobias von Heideman passed away. This didn't stop the band however, they were determined to complete material for a new album, which they did in 2016. These boys have something really special in their hands. It's melodic yet incredibly heavy and noncompromising as their new singer Andreas Öman proves to be a worthy replacement for Tobias.

The Deluge” the brand new offering from IMPERIAL DOMAIN contains 8 well executed tracks of immaculate production values recorded in HSH-studio. With mixing and mastering of the highest quality at E.A.P. by Ronnie Björnström and artwork by Pete Alander at BANDMILL, you can be assured of a piece of work with uncompromising quality.

An album this strong can't be ignored!