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RISEBACK Interview!

"If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” (Napoleone Bonaparte)

Istanbul is a fascinating, sapphire-like city and RISEBACK are its gold ring.
This Alternative/Gothic Metal band was formed in 2010 and is influenced  by contemporary rock and melodic metal sound.
Their female voice blow through heavy guitar riffs and strong drumming.
Well, meet ... Riseback.

LFdM: You come from Istanbul, one of my favourite city. Full of colours, scentes and sensuality like Riella's voice. So we can say that you embody the pure essence of this land?
R: Thank you for this nice question and compliment. Istanbul as you say is a colorful city. Carrying Many feelings, many stories from past to present. Wonderful people and artists lived in this city and have their trace... It's an honour for me to be resembled voice vise to this city. The city is always alive and deep in soul. And yes we as a band might embody this energy. We are all born in here and lived our childhood experiences, youth excitements and professional growth here... So it would be correct to say that we somehow reflect the pure essence of this land but also we posses the energy of the entire earth and universe. We as a band are open to connect to everyone living with us in this moment of time, having the roots from this land, we are wiiling to expand and embrace all kind of expressions around us, being able to reach universally through our musical creations...

LFdM: You are an alternative metal band with some of goth and prog influences. You play rock with depth and passion. How did your story start?
R: Thank you again for defining very well what we are into :) Everybody has their own story, since years we are making music, studying, pratcticing, playing with bands, creating and performing. Riseback started its journey in 2010 with me and two other musician friends aiming to put together our musical ideas and starting to share our exctiement and build a longlasting musical entity. It's known that this is a long road with many ups and downs with many updates and changes through out the time. Riseback crew changed over time, production wise and instrumentalist wise the band had several changes. These changes were never personal but in order proceed in a much strongerway...we always need to take correct steps to survive. Our main goal is to create music. Create freely, joyfuly and lovingly. We as a team never let any obtacle to prevent this reality. 

LFdM: Music is based on emotions and feelings, but often has its roots in something known, even if only a memory or a recollection. Have you drawn your inspiration from something in particular?
R: As mention previously rock metal music is our motivation it self. The inspiration comes naturally. Me, I am writting songs with piano almost every week I have new melodic ideas that I put together and record than my band members are professional instrumentalists in their own areas, very talented and gifted. They are everyday playing their stuff, and we combine their ideas with mine than a wonderful blend comes out, very pure and original. Riseback, I 'm not saying because its my band :) but believe me , it is one of the most original music band. Because the ideas we put on songs are really fresh and new, straight coming from our musical minds without any interferance from any kind of rule or strategy just naturally flowing through our ideas and creating our own stuff. Of course we have many many influences from many many other great existing bands but we create our own music and I love the way this band works... Very natural and real..

LFdM: Music, however, is not just a matter of the heart (although it is a fundamental part and, perhaps, the most important). It is also studying, practice, research. What can you tell us about this aspect? How do you prepare to tackle the recording of an album?
R: In terms of practice, well we gave our lives to this work. We reduce all kind of expenses just in order to spend more time in music. Education wise, we had our courses, certificate & BA degrees from music and performance. My drummer and I already give lessons to new beginners...Without practice and commitement there is no way that someone would acheive a place in this business. We are still practicing, still working hard and still have way to go. The musical journey never ends... When we prepare to record an album, it's a long process. First step is to create the songs which is one of the most important step. Demo precedures, songwriting, brainstorming, adding, excludig ideas, changing parts, adding new parts and so on... Sometimes we meet and rehearse sometimes we record ideas and send to each other. This is the way it goes. When the real production time comes, its like very serious work. Very detailed. Equipments, studio, engineer, timing, budget, pre record, practice... It is very serious but this is what we love to do. Hopefully, in Istanbul we have great recording engineer friends, very talented friends. Its a matter of being a real team. When this is managed, everything is like a puzzle, you put the right parts and than the result is wonderful. You can imagine Our second procedures as I defined above.... We are following these steps to reach a satisfactory conclusion....

LFdM: Tell us something about the new album: is there a particular theme in your songs?
R: Yes the new album will be great. We are getting prepared for it. Working on songs in a very detailed manner. Arrangements and rehearsals are repetitive in order to catch the maximum expression and musical style. It will be deeper and will be a more mature album. We finished debut recordings in 2012 an debut demos was in 2011 and since 3 years we went through a lot of stuff and changes. All those experiences and feelings will be carried in our second album, Technique wise, there will be more drums and keyboard presence, more symphonic elements,  of course similar original modern metal guitar riffs and deep emotional vocals again... Lyrically, we went trhough similar attitude. Human soul, relations, feelings, appreciation, salvation, freedom themes. Couple of  songs will have particular stories, particular subjects, vey impressive messages that I believe will touch many peoples heart... 

LFdM. How do the new songs differ from your older material? I’m thinking about the first songs you released.
R: Yes thes songs will reflect a more mature state of mind. This time the lyrics will be longer. More phrases, more emotions, more explanations of ideas. But a similar attitude as I said. Because Riseback band lyrical themes always support encouregement of the free expression. Self developement and awareness, reaching a better reality, a reality that our souls really long for rather than what we are obligated to do and live... A natural flow, with less pain. 

LFdM: Talking about the creative process, you say " there are always new aspects to learn and experience". You are always looking for new things or sometimes is important to learn from the past, from the pioneers of the music?
R:  Yes exatcly. This is a never ending journey. A continious progression, always alive. Pioneers of music are the heros, they are those who thought us how to make our dreams come true by being role models, they are the influences. A huge respect for those people who committed their lives to enhance the musicianship of the universe and to create a musical reality where now all of us are getting into. They are the initiators and the brave ones... We follow thier traces. 

LFdM: What kind of role does love play for you and for your art?
R: Love in terms of all kind of love. Animal love, human love, self love, nature love. Lack of love, need of love, underestimation of love, over usage of love  and so on...  All forms of love have a big influence in our music and lyrics. Like in everybody else. This feeling is not easy to explain with words. But it is best felt with songs and melodies...

LFdM: What you play is what you feel?
R: For sure. Otherwise there would be no sincerity. And without sincerity I don't believe there would be any kind of music.

LFdM: What do you expect from this experience? What is the sign that the Riseback want to leave the world of music?
R: This is a lifetime experience. It can't be left. It can't be abandonned. We are idealist musicians. We will go for it the best we can. Without giving up and with giving all it takes. Riseback will bring our traces to this world. Our very own existence. With words and melodies. Our good intentions, and positive vibes which I believe if everyone could turn their cognitive and emotional frequency into positive forms we would already change the reality into a much cooler one... And If Riseback music can help with that, that would be a great mission to be remembered... 

LFdM: Long life to Riseback guys! 

Words, interview and english review by Michela, Dora and Alessia!

Official Link:

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Rain Diary interview

Rain Diary is an awesome dark-wave band from Finland. We had the pleasure to have a chat with Tommi Suomala, Teemu Rantanen & Joni Bitter, who kindly found the time to reply while touring Germany. 

1 ) So you were born in 2007, more or less, and it's was been an immediate success. From this point of view the finnish audience is awesome… How important is for an artist the emotional aspect in the relationship with their audience?
Joni: It’s one of the cornerstones for us to make music. For example yesterday at Cologne, the great feedback and straight connection with the audience made the many hours sat in the car well worthwhile. Also, and in fair honesty, our success is wider abroad than in Finland.

2 ) The first thing that captured my attention were your videos. They show a maniacal attention for every single detail,  that’s a bit unusual for your kind of music. Can you explain us more about it?
Joni: We’re highly visual people and blessed to be surrounded by such talents like Juha Lankinen, Jani Saajanaho & Zabek Ismael who has made such a huge contribution to picture our music in such a delicate way.

3 ) Talking about the video for "Shame": the photography is great, it keeps the watcher lingering between dream and reality. I think “Shame” is totally huge. What’s the meaning of this song ?
Teemu: Thank you, we’re glad you like it so much! We put a lot of effort to that release and we also felt that it’s a little bit risky cause the song and the video is not a typical Rain Diary. We made the song cause we wanted add variation and contrast to our album. Normally we don’t want to “open” our lyrics too much but maybe it’s not too revealing to say that Shame lyrics deals with the topic of casual sex, about the excitement of the one night stands – an intense search for quick satisfaction – and the emptiness and void felt after.

4 ) Do you want to introduce to our readers the concept behind Rain Diary?
Teemu: We are a family unit: We are the most closest friends and we feel that our biggest strength is the love towards each other, to our music and playing and creating music together. Our music functions as therapeutic means to fix and understand emotions. Our music is us.

5 ) You’re starting to work on new stuff, the release is fixed for the end of 2015;  can you spill some technical details about the new album?
Tommi: You are the first one to hear this: The work tittle for our second album is The Non-Compulsory Engine. Most of the lyrics are and will be written in Berlin that is so inspiring city.

6 ) Next autumn we'll see you on stage for a short tour with Jaani Peuhu. Jaani is a great producer and a good songwriter. How did you start this collaboration?
Joni: I met Jaani in early 2000 when we both still lived in small town called Lahti. Jaani hosted a monthly club at Torvi (legendary underground bar) and while he was DJ’n he played Mansun that I had seen playing in London but was completely unknown in Finland. From there we started to talk about music and rest is history.

7 ) As you said, some of the members live in different countries right now. How do you think this affects the band?
Tommi: I think it gives more perspective and depth. These days technology narrows the distance between, i.e. even though I live in Berlin I can still fully participate in creative process through recordings etc. Also, I travel to Finland every second month to meet the loved one.

8 )  What’s really outrageous in this world, in your opinion?
Tommi: Human rights in general, war mongering … Joni: It’s the blindness and numbness towards people in need. 


Rain Diary is:

Tommi Suomala (Vocals)
Tytti Kallioniemi (Keyboard, Synths, Vocals)
Teemu Rantanen (Guitar)
Joni Bitter (Guitar, Bass, Programming)
Teemu Alajoki (Drums, Percussion)
Pekka Vanajas (Programming)

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Ewian: Good Old Underground Review

Tedeschi dall’animo british

Quando una nuova band si affaccia nel panorama musicale c'è sempre una sorta di scetticismo che accompagna l'ascolto: sarà all'altezza delle aspettative? Riuscirà a catturare l'attenzione? O sarà una di quelle meteore destinate ad accendersi per poi sparire senza lasciare alcun segno?
Gli Ewian sono una band emergente tedesca e Good Old Underground è il loro primo lavoro.
Fin dal primo ascolto sono indubbie le influenze che caratterizzano il loro progetto, Radiohead,  Muse, The Smiths, che spingono la loro sonorità in una direzione ben precisa con melodie dal sapore agrodolce.
L’uso particolare del pianoforte si impregna di mille sfumature distorte, oniriche, capaci di entrare nella testa riecheggiando all'infinito, ma anche il morbido tappeto di arpeggi di chitarre a tratti rumorose che riempiono i vuoti, a tratti melodiche decadentiste.
Ciò che colpisce è il perfetto connubio tra musica e testi, la loro armonizzazione ed il loro essere così coerenti, profondi, evocativi, in un notevole lavoro sulle parole che non sembra lasciare nulla al caso, trasportandoti in un'altra dimensione.
Il potenziale c'è e si sente. Sta a noi impedire che diventino una meteora: gli Ewian faranno parlare di loro, non ci sono dubbi. (7/10)

Ewian Christensen
Benjamin Lachance
Fifi Rong
Clemens Engert
James Hrabak

Official Site

1. My Dear Dead memory
2. Good Old Underground
3. Escape
4. The Last Poem
5. Black Star
6. Zampano (Alien Hand Syndrome Remix)
7. We Are Not Afraid To Die
8. Looper (Slack Armada Remix)
9.New Born
10.When I Was Dead feat. Fifi Rong

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Olof and Elize talk about new album: Amaranthe interview!

The third album from swedish metal band Amaranthe has a kaleidoscopic sound!
Synth and guitars join and dance with the vocals...but if you want to know more about "Massive Addictive"...Olof Mörck (guitarist/keyboard player) and Elize Ryd (clean vocals)  replied to our questions this way.

LFdM: Hi guys! Thank you so much for this opportunity! So let's start... 
We know that Amaranthe has a very unique sound, how would you describe your music to someone who had never heard the band before?
Olof: As you say, it is hard to put the music in to words, so first of all I would urge that person to listen to the music. But to try to express it in words; the music combines different genres, everything from pop, metal, trance and so on has gone into the mix.
It is a very modern style, and it is not bound by any genre in our own minds.

LFdM: Everyone of you come from different bands, how the idea of playing together was born?
Elize: Me and Olof started to work on some vocal ideas, meanwhile Olof had an idea of creating a project together with Jake. I got involved in the making of some metal-ish tracks that I liked very much.
It all started there and later on we transformed into what later became a band with three vocalists named Amaranthe.

LFdM: How do the personalities of the various members mesh?
Olof: We all come from different backgrounds, which creates an interesting dynamic and chemistry. For the most part that is a very awesome thing, and I think the music it self reflect the different aspects to our personalities.

LFdM: Your band brings together three different types of voice, all equally intense and expressive. How do you get to create a perfect harmony between them?
Elize: By following our instincts. I have a feeling that we don't need to think a lot during the making, it comes usually very natural. It's a great feeling knowing that we don't have any limits when it comes to range or expression during the songwriting process.

LFdM: This is also definitely your most distinctive feature. How did you choose to follow this interpretative line?
Olof: A part of it was coincidental - me and Jake brought in Elize as a guest, but when we heard her voice in the music we felt it was an absolute perfect match, and she became an essential part of the band. Andy got into the band in a similar way, and there was the setup.

LFdM: Talking about new album! "Massive Addictive" is more dynamic with some pop elements and EBM beats, there is the willingness to push in this way in the further?
Olof: We don't think about it too much. I think it is important an artist not to limit yourself and think too much about the direction you are going. For us it comes more from following our hearts, and 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' is the result of that instinct.

LFdM: What are, in your opinion, the main differences between "Massive Addictive" and your past ones?
Elize: It is as it's spoken, more Massive. The sound and the idea was been updated. It's hopefully a little bit more Addictive than the previous two. It's both catchier and harder.

Olof: I think this album is more different than 'The Nexus' was to 'Amaranthe'. We have probably gotten more bolder as musicians and composers, and we are more confident about our unique style. There are some completely new elements, such as new keyboard sounds, new guitar tunings, different setups for the division of vocal lines between the singers, and in general we are writing the vocal lines a bit more playful and less restrictive.

LFdM: 'Drop Dead Cynical' got 35.000 plays in the first day, how do you feel?
Olof: It is pretty awesome! 'The Nexus' started off with around 12.500 hits, and 'Hunger' with 8000 so needless to say it is quite the step up! There has also been some really great response around the song live as well, and people are already singing along to the song.

LFdM: Are there any bands that influenced your work in a particular way, or gave you a special inspiration from which to create your own sound?
Elize: Many, But I would say everything from Avicii to Christina Aguilera.

Olof: For me personally, almost everything I have listened to and liked, pretty much everything from Michael Jackson to Soilwork.

LFdM: In 2012, in Denver, Elize was called to replace Anette Olzon during a Nightwish concert. Can you tell us something about it? 
What kind of experience was it?
Elize: It was a rare experience, something very unpredictable. It's something I won't forget in a good way, but on the other hand I almost wished that the conditions were different.

LFdM: What are your upcoming tour plans?
Elize: We are right now in North America on tour with WithinTemptation. After this we will play at Loud Park in Japan. Then we fly to Mexico and then we are heading back for a headlining tour in North America.

Olof: Plus Russia and Czech Republic and some shows back home in Sweden, and that is pretty much this year. We will absolutely tour Europe again as soon as possible!

LFdM: Oh well, we hope to see you in Italy!

Massive Addictive Track list:
01. Dynamite
02. Drop Dead Cynical
03. Trinity
04. Massive Addictive
05. Digital World
06. True
07. Unreal
08. Over and Done
09. Danger Zone
10. Skyline
11. An Ordinary Abnormality
12. Exhale

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To/Die/For' s Jape Perätalo talks about his creature

"Without music, life would be a mistake" (F. Nietzsche)

I don't want to bore you explaining the history of this band... Just read, listen and...try to understand..

LFdM: Well Jape, it’s always hard to find interesting questions for a band known since such long time, composed of people who make music for a life time, so, please forgive me if  I’ll bore you in any way. 
The first album All Eternity you were personally involved in the recording because you knew every single member, 5 guys, 5 childhood friends together to give voice to their pain, dreams, what you want, it's still soon has anything changed since then?
Jape: It was a little bit different in the beginning compared today. I was playing a few years with Tommi Lillman before TDF, so we had some kind of spirit we shared. I was on a same class with Joonas Koto, who was our guitarist on All Eternity, Epilogue, Jaded, and also on Wounds Wide Open albums... We did songs very fast, but we just had “that” Spirit and feeling ,and it is something you cannot put in words.
Today we still have good feelings to do music, and sometimes we have lost that Important thing “THE FEELING”... but now it seems like we`ve found it again!

LFdM: Do you think that the constant line-up changes, although involved guys who hung out the "clan", could somehow disrupt the balance of TDF? As they say, sometimes just one look to understand each other... a love-like dynamic…
Jape: It can surely disrupt the balance in the band. I am sure that some “short-time” member(s) joined to our band because of a wrong reason. Sometimes we were too hasty to wait that right person to band... Shit happens but  now, we need to be more careful with that.
Now when Esa Viren took guitar, (played bass before in TDF) we started to feel more like “We all want that same thing” kinda feeling. Juåpe Sutela and Esa Viren are very good combination to create TDF guitars.
Personally I am more than tired to all these line up changes, but there is always been wild persons in the band, that you never know what happens ,but that is only rock and roll, and natural “living wild life” stuff! So what can I do? If i would stop doing this, because of other people´s problems, opinions or what ever...I would not stop doing this because of myself... then I would do it because of someone elses life! And that is not wise at all.
This is my life, and I do what ever I want to! And I need and I love making music under the name of To/Die/For.

LFdM: From All Etermity to Samsara your style has remained unchanged even though in first albums the songs seemed much more elaborate. I mean, especially Samsara is missing the song, the one that makes you turn abruptly and be amazed. When I think about songs like "Live in you" or "Too Much Is not Enough", I feel like you had had the urge to break a sort of silence. You’re free to insult me, if you want... 
Jape: Yes, like I said, sometimes we lost that feeling! I can still feel very strongly our first albums, All Eternity and Epilogue especially...In My opinion SAMSARA is not the same that our previous albums. It was something else, even I do not know what it is.
But, we had a break before recording Samsara album, and we were just so exited to record what ever, even it was not “Pure TDF Style”.
Samsara' album was not a mistake, but it is something we are not gonna do again with TDF. We need more dark and deep feelings for now!

LFdM:  "Dear Delirium", on the other hand, surprised me. There are plenty of new ideas, from a pure ly visual point of view it is a very strong video. Rather than tell about the pleasure and the pain of the soul it seems to focus on something more material...the pleasures of success or the excess? What are its meanings?
Jape: Dear Delirium lyrics comes from the dream I saw once, I admit I was smoked a bit Cannabis so, it felt very strong thing...but in the end it is like a lovesong to the feeling of Freedom, canda 100% clean lovesong to all good people out there. Delirium and things that I see, hear or feel while having some kind of Delirium, is not only an illusion for me you see. It is real! Because...if I feel it, isn´t real then?
About the video I have nothing important to say. We did it very cheap ways so... we ust had fun in that cellar for a few hours, and we were busy for dong that video, because we had to head to airport after videoshootings. (Next day we played in Madrid)

LFdM: Yeah, great show, I was there! 
Returning to be serious.. Telling of sadness, melancholy and pain.. Can you become slave of all this?
Jape: It is bad, if you´re slave for anything! I see it like this:
Everything we think we are, comes from our memories, it can be a lot of shit in it, or good things too...there are two rooms, and in other room is all of our memories, in the next room is Today...
it is not a good thing to close the door between these two things! The doors must be open, but we need to learn to handle memories, which is actually Karma! We need to learn to handle our bad memories, which brings pain, the way that we can go to this room, and handle these feelings, and when we think it is enough, we have to learn to go to the other room,where is TODAY, and where from we can see to the future! It is not easy, but learning to do it,we feel much better!
I am not very dark person all the time, but I can travel to the place, where is all of my bad memories, and very bad experiences, Usually I wear these things to songs...after that i need to escape from it all! And believe, I have learned how to do it. 
We came from the light, to the place where things can go wrong, but we always go back to the light. Everyone of us!

LFdM: For the next album, will you focus more on harmonies based main on guitar and vocals, or will improve the usage of other elements, such as keyboards, not so much as an accompaniment but as a tool of interpretation and union between the dark atmosphere of goth and those more powerful and aggressive of metal. 
Jape: All I can say about seventh album is that it is gonna be more dark and more like our old style. We changed our guitars back to B tune, as we had on first album etc. And doing more goth I could say and keyboards... of course!

LFdM: I can imagine how much work there is behind the making of the album, but what happens after its release? There is a moment of relaxation or adrenaline runs wild?
Jape: Personally I feel empty for a while, and cannot create any new stuff.

LFdM: All today claim to teach something through their own songs/ music /art. But what music taught to Jape until today?
Jape: I always been thinking that there is no Jape at all without music. I would be different person totally…Music taught me Freedom! From all this society shit! Also music taught me, that we need to tolerate every kind of people, every kind of music. Music is not MINE or YOURS only, It is for everyone! Something you do not like, someone else loves...same with the food .
Music is our soul´s food!

LFdM: Can you please tell me something about songwriting? I imagine who ever writes lyrics as one who needs to get rid of the things in his head, to make room for another or something. Like a closet cleaning.
Jape: For me it is been like a closet cleaning with some songs yes. Like what I wrote about religion shit on IV album … same with songs I wrote to my brother who died in 2010... it makkes me more clean again.

LFdM: What’s the secret for a perfect melody?
Jape: I always been thinking that if you do melodies with all of your heart and soul, and do not think “what other people says about this?”... then it must fit even with one other person somewhere in the world. No matter if it is a bit of slimy, if you feel it very strong, then you must do it!

LFdM: What comes before, words or music?
Jape: Melodies comes first!

LFdM: I think it’s amazing the interaction you guys have with your fans. Very often you place yourselves on the same level. Surely the fact that you are not (please pass me the expression) “mainstreamed rock stars” helps this involvement. Do you believe the fame is an excuse to not establish this kind of contactor it’s a simple lack of will?
Jape: We are on a same level! Everyone should be! I do not know anything about the real fame, and IF real fame comes to you, remember it is only a tool then. If it is something more, It is not good at all!

LFdM: Today there are two tags very popular in the music industry:"alternative" and "experimental". Are you one who always keep up to date on new musical idea seven from the technological point of view or for you it’s a matter of feeling?
Jape: Matter of Feeling! We do not see any reason to change TDF´s music style anymore...If we would like to create different kind of music,then let´s do a new band.

LFdM: Have you ever considered making an entire album in Finnish?
Jape: Never the whole album, but sometimes I have been thinking that would be interesting to do one song in Finnish; Let´s see if it never happens but...

LFdM: The last question: pick a POP (strictly) album to take with you on a desert island.
Jape: aaaaaahhhh...Difficult. Only one album, and listening it a few years, same song all the time (laugh) ??? Would be painful ahaha.. I would not take any albums with me... I would choose my acoustic guitar with me!

LFdM: Ok fucking question: How do you see "Moonlight Shadow"  (by Mike Oldfield) as a cover song? I love this song
Jape: Hmmm….it is ok, hihihi, but... Let´s see if we finally do some cover from Duran Duran ;)

LFdM: God bless TDF!

(Interview by Michela)

Link: facebook - youtube
 Hail of Bullets video

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The Northern Light - Revontulet Interview!

The Russian symphonic tradition meets the northern light of finnish winter to warm our hearts!
Directly from Revontulet singer Alexandra, their story for you.

LFdM:  Let's start with the origin of your name, taken from an old Finnish legend about the Northern lights. This is also the theme for the cover of your album. Why Finland? What's the meaning of that and what's the message?
Alexandra: Well, first of all, we really love Finland, its nature and of course metal bands! I studied Finnish language for about three years, and Sergey has Finnish roots. The legend you mentioned is very beautiful. And the lights itself are magical and totally awesome!

LFdM: Among a lot of musical genres, symphonic is one of the most fascinating, what of its sound attracts so many people, in your opinion?
A: I believe that the true lovers of symphonic music understand how intricate and refined this music is. It is absolutely amazing how many voices of different instruments merge into one overwhelming composition. But even if you’re not interested in the music structure, you can feel the tremendous power of the orchestra!

LFdM: What does it mean for you, to live and play in a music industry in which also play great bands like Nightwish, Epica etc? What's your personal style, the thing that makes you different in some way?
A: I guess there are some things that you can’t do any other way, when your music flows right from your heart. Every good composer has his own specific melodic style, a composer's ‘handwriting’. And it is the author’s personality reflected in his creation. And a listener will recognize it. When you add an original sound and diverse orchestrations, you get a very original music composition. And I believe we have it all… 

LFdM: Symphonic is basically based on the voice, it needs a lot of study and musical interpretation, so, in consideration of this, tell us what training you have had and what impact it has had on you?
A: I wouldn’t say that it’s based on the voice itself; it’s rather the right combination of the voice and the orchestration. Though, you have to control your vocals very well. I took classical singing lessons from Emma Sarkisyan, a Russian opera singer, who performs in Novaya Opera and Bolshoi Theater. It is a great foundation for building your voice. But I think that the genuine operatic singing is pretty tiresome in metal music. So now I try to sing in a more contemporary manner. 

LFdM: How do you try to get the balance between technical and emotional impact?
A: Music is the most efficient way of sharing feelings with other people, it is the universal language. The technical part is just to serve the emotional matter. The vocals are the most important in this impact, that’s why I prefer the contemporary singing - it is more interesting and emotional. 

LFdM: You had some problems with the line up during the years. Do you ever thought to give everything up, or music was stronger than the will to giving up everything?
Maybe just for the first time, when Jury Leshchishen, the guitar-player with whom we started the band, left… But, you know, the path of a musician is not the easiest one, and I can’t force people to follow it, if they don’t want. But I just can’t live without music.

LFdM: Do you enjoy the instant interaction with your audience that internet brings? What effects do you think it has on the music industry and the artists, right now?
A: The Internet is an amazing tool for communicating with fans! It’s just incredible how music can reach people from across the ocean in just a moment! And it’s also wonderful to have the real-time feedback on our activities. We truly appreciate it. 
Now the crowdfunding platforms bring the independent musicians to a whole new level of association with their audience. I guess this tendency will only intensify in the future.
By the way, we’ve recently got an Instagram account ( in addition to a Facebook page ( and Twitter (, so feel free to follow us! ;) 

LFdM: You played a lot of gigs, what kind of experience has been?
A: That’s true, we had many gigs and always got a really warm reception. We share all our energy and emotions with the audience! I also hope that it transfers though the Internet when we play online!

LFdM: What are your next plans and goals?
A: The next goal is the first music video! This is going to be a very interesting story! Thanks to our dear friends and fans we’ve got enough funds to embody all our ideas in this clip! Also I compose some new songs. Hopefully you’ll hear them soon! 

LFdM: We too dear, thank you again!