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Interview with SINNERS MOON

Hi guys, thanks a lot for this opportunity. 
Today we have the pleasure to chat with their guitarist LukeN.
So, are you guys ready to meet our readers? Let's start!

Here our last review (italian only)

Les Fleurs du Mal: Our main purpose is to promote music, especially new projects from all around Europe and we think the best way to do it is by giving voice to the band itself. So, how would you describe the concept behind Sinners Moon ?
LukeN: Hello Dora, this is LukeN from S.M. Well Sinners Moon is a symphonic metal band with huge influence of finnish melodic metal scene as you may hear. We are all young people from Slovakia :)

LFdM: Sinners Moon was born in Sered, Slovakia. What kind of atmosphere do you breathe in your hometown and has it influenced your music somehow?
Here in Sered, actually in whole Slovakia we don´t have much of a metal background, so we are independently trying to make something different from what we have here. So no influence from here around :)

LFdM: How and when the idea to start the band took form in your mind?
It was sometimes between 2010 and 2011 when I had a talks with our singer Derick about trying some project with symphonic elements, never thought of S.M. To become a full band, even I must say I hoped for it a bit.

LFdM: There were several line up changes over time, how did you experienced these changes? Have you ever thought to give up the project?
To be honest these changes made me and rest of the band even stronger, and I was never about to give up the band and never thought of it actually.

LFdM: April 10 will be a big day for you, because Atlantis, your first album, will be released by Inverse Records. How are you waiting for this special day?
Well we are working all the time. We are preparing for our promotional show in our hometown, where we have great establishment and we invited a couple of great bands to collaborate :) Even mr. Roland Grapow who recorded album is coming to do this with us so a very special occasion :)

LFdM: As mentioned, Atlantis is your first album. Is this your first experience ever or you already recorded something else before? And, if you have had previous experience, what are the main differences between this album and your past ones?
I recorded some stuff on my computer with some midi drums and keyboards, and mostly I have never experienced studio before so this was a really huge step for me. Of course for all of us, but I managed to be on all of the sessions so had the most of it I think. It was great to work with mr. Grapow, he is real professional and brought some great ideas, also helped a lot during recording guitars.

LFdM: How would you describe the sound of Atlantis? You are a symphonic metal band, but sometimes in a genre you can hide much more than you can imagine...
We have a different sound than other symphonic metal bands I think, some of the people won´t like it, some of them will, but it is a personal taste for it you know? It is not as perfect as I imagined, but I am quite perfectionist I must admit, maybe sometimes too much of a perfectionist, but it really doesn´t matter if people will like it. The message  and art itself is there, it is all that matters for now.

LFdM:If you should introduce and explain the new record to a totally profane person, having the opportunity to choose only one song which track would you pick up?
It is hard to say, but I would pick probably Atlantis as it is the main title of the album, it is song about secrets, mystery, hope, life and death.

LFdM: Talking about musical influences: where do you draw the inspiration for your music?
Well as I mentioned, I was influenced mostly from finnish metal scene, and not really ashamed to admit that it was Nightwish most of the time that had a huge impact on this album. I would take this opportunity to say that this is me paying tribute to this great band thru my music, and I am proud of it!

LFdM: The Siren and the Kraken: when I listened to the album this was the first association I made for the voices of Simona and Derick. How do you get to combine so well two voices so different?
You know, I really like the combination of black and white, this huge contrast makes something big, and it also makes me think in these two sides. Although I must admit that without perfect voices that Simona and Derick have, contrast wouldn´t work that well

LFdM: In your lyrics there are themes like hope, dreams, childhood mixed with themes that explore human psychology. Where does the interest in these topics come from?
Sometimes I wonder how I come to these topics myself. This is something that I just feel and write down on the paper, give it a little time to calm in my head and rework a bit. Sometimes the rhymes and melodies come together as one, and when this happens, it is the greatest thing ever for me! 

LFdM: Tony Kakko, leader of Sonata Arctica, is the guest singer in My Servant. Can you tell us something more about this collaboration? 
First of all, I had the idea of collaboration of some kind and I always had Tony in my head, so I tried to contact him a few times, and how lucky guy I was when we get together over mail and started to talk about this. He recorded his vocals during recording session for Ecliptica revisited last year and must say, he is amazing professional and did even better job than I expected!

LFdM: Have you already planned a tour to promote Atlantis? Some shows in particular that we can already reveal?
Yes we have. As I mentioned we plan to do our promotional show for the album which will be on 25.04.2015 in our hometown Sered. Then after, we will do some shows around Slovakia, some in Czech Republic and maybe if lucky we will get to other countries as well :) fingers crossed.

LFdM: How do you live the experience of a live show? Is more stressful or fun?
When I was on the stage for the first time, it was so much, I mean SO MUCH stressful, now after a lot of shows it is really fun to enjoy. And even better when everyone is really in the mood, band mates, people around. Everything goes perfectly.

LFdM: Have you ever been in Italy? Would you like to be able to play here too?
Yes I was actually, last year with some of my friends in Venice, beautiful place I must say. And to be honest if there was some opportunity to make some shows in Italy I would go for it without questions, it is really beautiful country with the lot of history and we enjoy that a lot.

LFdM: Our interview is over. Do you want to say something to all the fans that certainly will follow you in your musical career?
Stay metal everyone, and support your favourite artists, they really deserve it and the will return it to you a 100 times.  
Ciao ;)

Thank you again for this interview, we hope to see you soon in Italy and everywhere music will bring us!

Dora for Les Fleurs du Mal
(edit by Alessia)

Sinners Moon are:
Upper - Jarthuusen, Derick, Viktor
Lower - Jan, Simona - LukeN

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