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RAUBTIER: Interview

From the far north of Sweden - Pär Hulkoff vocals, guitar and keyboard talks with us about new album Bärsärkagång their fifth full length that will be released ...TODAY!

Interview by Pamsicle

LFdM: First of all do you wanna introduce the concept behind Bärsärkargång for our readers?
Pär: In terms of lyrics and theme, there is no concept, there are recurring themes but not a fixed one. The musical concepts is trash metal, as it has been so far. 

LFdM: With a release every two/three years you seem to have nailed the creative and production progress pretty well; what is the process behind your albums? 
Pär: We are blessed in our band to have three studios in our town and we also have our own studio, so the process is pretty much pain free. I write everything, then we start recording. 
We are metronome bound, we put the guitar down first, something that is not so common as many bands put down the drums first, (does this make the process longer?) it doesn't make the process longer, as the drummer and I have known each for 20 years, he knows what he can do, he adjusts as it’s needed; we are a well oiled machine.

LFdM: The art on your album often depicts wars or weapons but your lyrics tell another story, sometimes of war with oneself, with today’s world. It seems to me you touch some core themes of human life in your albums. In Opus Magni you sing of withheld freedom. Is there any deeper, political, cultural meaning to your songs? Is there a message you are trying to bring through?
Pär: I was in the army, I was a solider, the first album set the tone, but as the year passed by I started using the war really metaphorically, it’s about struggle and freedom, war is a powerful word and you can use it in a variety of different contexts and with layers of meaning.
There is not really a political message, the one key thing is individual freedom and the fact that we life to decide for ourselves, and we have to take the consequences.

LFdM: Social media, Spotify, streaming and subscription: music changes every month, how much has impacted your work?
Pär: Our record label takes care of the social media, I am pretty bad at that myself, I am sort of conservative, I liked the way it was before, much simpler, more suited to who I am. A lot of guys are really into that, I am more invested in art in the creative process, social media is not for me, definitely.

LFdM: What is your main non musical inspiration?
Pär: My life revolves around the wild life, boar hunting, archery is my number one passion. History, I read a lot of history, historical painting. I sketch and love drawing and art in general. I think nature is my biggest inspiration, I live and breath it every day. Also, as a side business, me and my wife we have a small hunting business, tourism and stuff like that. We take a lot of inspiration from nature, the forest, the light, I think if you listen to our music you can feel it.

LFdM: You tour a lot in the Sweden and in the Nordic countries but you have quite an audience in the rest of Europe as well, are you planning a European tour?
Pär: Not really any plan to move to Europe, mainly it’s Scandinavia, it’s really hard to explain, we are not really sure which way we want to go, we all have family, we still have to discuss this kind of thing.

LFdM: As a last question, which are your favourite songs in Bärsärkargång?
Pär:  Bärsärkagång the title track: one of my favorite, i love the aggression, i feel like we are ten years younger when we play it.
Tropaion: old greek for trophies, because I love mythology and folklore.
Hymn, based on the vikings, it’s about achievement, and getting things done.
Lejonhjärta the last song, it is my homage to classical music that I love and listen often.

A big huge thank you to Pär from Raubtier to taking the time to chat with us about the new release and much more.


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