venerdì 12 febbraio 2016

Season Of Mist presents: WORMED launch second track of new album

Spanish technical death metal masters WORMED are premiering the next song taken form their forthcoming third full-length 'Krighsu', which has been slated for worldwide release on March 18th via Season Of Mist

Regarding "The Singularitarianism" and "Eukaryotic Hex Swarm", the Spanish Sci-Fi Tech Death masters comment: "Knowing that intergalactic exploration wouldn’t be possible without transcending into frightening Artificial Intelligence, they tried to avoid the disappearance of the last human link, desperately executing a powerful virus. Its purpose: the destruction of robots. However, they didn’t realize the serious mistake they made. The virus had an unexpected mutation, and millions of nano-machines scattered without control, building copies of themselves using all matter and energy available in the galaxy."