sabato 27 febbraio 2016

Inverse Records presents: Kuoleman Galleria - Kärsimys Kunniaan

In the world of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA there is no place for faith and hope arises briefly when you are scratching the last wet match desperately with your numb hands to a matchbox cover only to feel warm for a second. KUOLEMAN GALLERIA creates the music unconditionally and do not bow to any direction. The music could be labeled as kind of black'n'roll that takes form in groovy songs not forgetting the madness lurking on the back.

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA was born in 2012 as a one man project and the drummer joined the band in 2013  when the first recordings were launched. In 2014 the guitarists completed the band's line-up. Soon after  that KUOLEMAN GALLERIA locked themselves up in a studio in late 2014 and early 2015 to create an album  that was later named after the first song on the album called "Kärsimys Kunniaan".    

Release date: 
Finland 19.2.2016
International 25.3.2016