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The Nighttimeproject interview

"Not straying far from his most noteable roots, mastermind Fredrik "North" Norrman began Thenighttimeproject. A pleasantly nostalgic road, for those more familiar with his work in Katatonia. This ensemble is completed by Tobias Netzell of In Mourning fame, along with Nicklas Hjertton, formerly of Mandylon. Their debut self-titled album showcase a suprising engagement, close and far from what one would expect. 
The night has found it's soundtrack..."

LFdM: Fredrik Hello and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. 
First of all we want to introduce your band to our readers, so how did the Thenighttimeproject begin? 
Fredrik: I started this because I had lots of unused ideas from my time in Katatonia, that didn’t fit in October Tide. Those ideas had a more ambient and a non metal feeling. So the only way to use them was to start another band/project to explore these new ideas without the constraints of a band with an already established musical signature.

LFdM: It's always hard to write a review or an interview, in your case, I was a little bit worried of not understanding the real essence of your music. So, what is the essence?
F: I would say that beside the fact that I had lots of ideas collecting dust this was also a way to challenge myself. Writing non-metal songs isn´t something I´ve done very often, not something I would have tried years ago. I tried to stay away form all heavy distorted guitars, of all of those sounds so typically metal. There´s some heavier parts but I don’t consider that metal really.

LFdM: A wonderful album and at the same time difficult, a set of dark and rending atmospheres immersed in an aura of dazzling light. Well at least this is what I felt at first listen. How do your songs see the light? Are they already in your head or come out as soon as you start to tune up?
F: When I get an idea for a song I try to built up an image of how the rest should be, it all starts with that, I work around this concept of how I want the want and progress from there. I work on some kind of standard arrangement or a more build up arrangement. As with most things in life, it almost always turns out totally different from the original plan, and that’s when you find yourself with some surprises, this album could be one of them.

LFdM:Even more inevitable, a question about Katatonia. How much the 15 years in the band meant to you and how much of those years have you brought to this project?
F: It meant really much, I brought everything to that project of course. I learned much about songwriting from the two masters;) All the touring we did is something that I´ll remember forever. It defined me as a singer and songwriter and taught me a lot. 

LFdM: In this album, in my opinion, of course, you touched many genres, you have embraced the goth, you're touched on the doom, sometimes you have also called into question the Depeche Mode. How do you define all this? 
F: Not sure actually. When I write I just write, it can take any twists and turns. The only thing with this project is that I wanted it to be a non metal project. 

LFdM: I have listened carefully to the lyrics: although very minimalistic, they throw you into a deep hypnotic state. As if they wanted to replace notes to pictures. I cannot imagine any other production most appropriate to this music. Can you tell us something about it? 
F: The lyrics are actually not written by us in the band, since none of us write lyrics, we are confident our music brings home the message therefore we brought in some friends to help, they listened to the music and understood it and we trusted them to do the music justice. A guy from Los Angeles, Laurence who also help us in October Tide since we have the same problem there. Also Björn from Tobias band In Mourning contributed. 

LFdM: Now the part that affects to all the fans: where we can come and see you on stage? Have you already some live set?
F:  We haven´t really had the time to talk about that yet. Both me and Tobias are Busy with our other bands who are recording and mixing new albums. It would be fun of course so….yeah time will tell. 

Thank you, see you soon.

Interview by Michela (Anesthesia)
Editing by Pamsicle


*All photos on this interview are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved

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