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SadDoLLs Interview!

How I discovered this a secret, this my first chat with George and I'm proudly of this!
I ran into….
Sometimes your passion, your dedication about certain things that you do, run into people who aren’t only the real fans of your favorite band, but also excellent musicians. And that’s what happened to me a few months ago, running around the Facebook pages … From Phidias’s and the great poets’ homeland, the SadDolls have been a pleasant musical discovery, for this reason I’d like to introduce our readers the band, which regardless its name betrays a romantic mood.
Admitting a stronge stalker by me, the singer George Downloved was really very nice and helpful and I thank you for your patience:
-Have you been together for a long time? Do you want to tell us how this adventure started?
Hello and thank you for this interview . We started in 2006 as a cover band playing mostly Suomi covers, and after we composed a few songs of our own we decided to record and E.P. just to see how this goes,so we did. After that some support shows happened with bands like Lacrimas Profundere, Xandria and Paradise Lost,a contract with a record label,and the recording and the release of our first full length album “About Darkness”.
- I won’t ask you which groups have influenced your musical scene?
Our influences are many, I do can name a few : Deathstars, Rammstein, Type O Negative, The 69 eyes, HIM, old Lacrimas Profundere, In Flames, Killswitch Engage etch
- I think that your album is very personal, vocals growl meet most romantic line, good electronic sounds, a couple of scratchy vocals, how was born a SadDolls’s song?
Personally, the music is what’s driving me to compose my vocal lines and to write down the lyrics, Paul Evirose provides me with the sounds he writes, and depending on the sound I hear, I write down the lyrics and the vocal arrangements,this is more or less the way we compose songs
- You has been associated to the founding fathers of this genre. It’s so hard to be compared to Paradise Lost or HIM?
Well, Paradise Lost is a great band. We had the honor to share the same stage with them back in 2009 in Athens. What I have to say now? We try to avoid this comparison with other big bands. We have been influenced both from Paradise Lost and HIM (But mostly from HIM) but we try to have our own style and outfit. I believe we gained this in our latest album “Happy Deathday”. Of course, it’s hard to be compared with those bands but we cannot do anything for that.
-  This is your second album and it seems that you’ve already achieved some success. Are you ready to handle that success , maybe sacrificing something of your privacy?
Believe me there is no reason to sacrifice anything but money in music business. We have invested a lot for our music and promotion, and we never wanted something in return except for people to get to know our sound and maybe like it. Our privacy and personal lives remain intact for the time at least
- There are big names among the guests in this album, all are Scandinavian or Finnish. Why this geographic choice?
As I told you before we are hudge fans of Scandinavian music mostly from Finland and Sweden, this is how it all began in the fisrt place. We have been good friends with Jape and Jusja Salminen (EX HIM) from To Die For,and we wrote down some songs which we thought was perfect for them to do a performance,and so it happened.The guys gave them a listen and loved,so there,Jape Is on The Drug and Juska is on Dying on the dancefloor, and also Juska will be joining us live in November 24 2012,in a HIM party that will take place in Athens to play with us a small HIM tribute live,so it will be cool to listen to the guy playing those HIM songs,ten years later. Lets see how that will go  Also we wanted a well known growler to do the screams part for Psychedelic Love song,so we contacted Roberth Karlsson from Scar Symmetry on Facebook,and when he listened to the demo version of the song he immediately agreed to do the part. We had a great collaboration with Roberth, he is just the coolest guy ever,and he also makes an appearance in our new music video for Psycehedelic Love
- Greece is one of the European country with the greatest number of love metal fans. Why, in your opinion?
I Actually don’t know about that,I believe that Russia is top in the amount of “Love Metal” fans, and not Greece. Metalheads rule around here.
- Is it still exciting play music or seen that the music industry is suffering are loose the enthusiasm?
Well I must say that it almost broke us loads of times the fact that music is going downwards, and labels are closing one after the other,but we decided that this fact should not be an obstacle on what we do as musicians,there is no reason to loose our excitement and will to create music, it’s a crisis that has affected the whole globe, I think it will pass one day and things will slowly start to get back to normal.
- Soon you’ll be the opening act for a historical group like Moonspell. How are you preparing for this event? Is your first experience with a big band ?
No, we have also opened for Paradise Lost and a couple of time for Lacrimas Profundere and for symphonic metal band Xandria. Surely we are excited to open for Moonspell (it’s a two day gig deal so that makes it more awesome) we are well rehearsed,and we are completely ready for those shows,fingers crossed for others to follow them.
- Probably this magazine will fly with us to newt Helldone: who’s the true Him’s fan inside the band?
I Must say Paul Evilrose is the biggest and truest fan in the band, he and drummer Gus actually.
- Would you like to play with them?
Of course-
- Will we see you soon in Italy?
We are in talks with our Italian Label Lunatic Asylum records to book some shows in Italy, maybe with Mandragora Scream,but nothing is confirmed yet, so the answer is no for the time being, but we’ll keep you posted.
- Love Metal was born twenty years ago, we have found new sons of it?
Maybe there are other bands around playing this particular genre (Icon and the black roses,ace of hearts and entwine) we are referring to our music as electro gothic metal, I don’t think that songs like Misery ,Psychedelic Love or Be Darkness can even compare to “Love metal music” and I think that the true creators and fathers of this “genre” are HIM and no one can compare to them or do it like them.
Interview by Michela
(Photo: Credits to Kostas Kallipolitis - Phi Factor Studios) 

New Update:
"Grave Party", their third album will be released on April 25 with a party in Athens ... and we will be there!
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