venerdì 4 aprile 2014

"LADY CRY" - Music Video Review

The Greek SaDoLLs aren't new to sensual videos.
To temper the expectation of their fans about the imminent release of the new album " Grave Party", (out  2 may 2014), they chose as the first music video the song " Lady Cry".
We have already enjoyed their talent with the beautiful  Johnny Cash cover "Thirteen",  that made us understand  the new melodic line of "Grave Party".
"Lady Cry " is a perfect combination of electro dark wave, keeping the attention towards 90' goth 'n' roll sound.
Eternal and obscure, the singer's voice fills the room, infusing the song of an atmosphere  at the same time dirty and romantic. Each instrument is clearly felt , the bass adds depth, while the guitars make up the discreet  use of keyboards.
Pure entertainers for a girl, who looks mesmerized the singer at the center of the room. Simple, direct, bewitching.
Like a movie by Tarantino, it doesn’t have to resort to metaphors or symbolisms that fill many videos nowadays. It  runs fast , attracts and entertains simply focusing on body language. You don't believe us ? Look for yourself! 
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