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"How I Murdered Our Love" - Interview With Luis Ullán

Luis Ullán is a deep and melodic spanish singer-songwriter.
Let's find out his love for the music...

LFdM: First of all, do you wanna introduce the concept behind your music for our readers ?
L: I guess that there is not a certain concept behind my music, because feelings can't be caged into single concepts. I write songs that start as feelings, and usually I don't try to give my songs a certain background, because I started writing music from the heart. It all happened with the first song I ever wrote; it was named "Dónde mirar" and it was the first one of my debut album. After that I learned that songs should never be "prepared" in any way before being written. They will come by themselves. And if they don't appear or they can't be finished... it means that that particular song was not something true. It's my humble opinion...

LFdM: If you should present and explain the new record to a person totally profane, having the opportunity to choose only one song which track would you pick up?
L: If I had to present and explain "How I murdered our love" to a profane... I would choose "Liars" or "Thelema". "Liars" because it is the first track of the album, it's the mixture of album every element you are going to find on it. And "Thelema" because it is the last song. If you buy a book and you go to read the ending, it will lead you to find out which things have happened before that. And I think that listening to "Thelema" has the same effect. People go to listen to the whole album just to find if it has any sense (you know, after all the screaming and that apocaliptic ending). 

LFdM: Could you tell us something about the lyrics of the album, is there a general concept running through every song?
L: Well... At first I tended to say that they had a general concept... But no. Hell no. I'm tired of trying to pretend that an album has to have a general concept behind it when it really doesn't. That was one of my biggest mistakes with "How I murdered our love". I treated that album as a masterpiece, as something magnificent... When in the end it just has 4 cool songs. Anyway... I have learned about all these things, I promise.

LFdM: What do you aim to create with your lyrics?
L: I want to express my feelings, thoughts and whatever my head is stuck at that moment. I am not trying to make the people think about anything... but to feel the things I am singing and to get to know me a little bit more. Even when cryptic, lyrics are a very precise mirror of my emotions and way of thinking.

LFdM: What are your main reference points as far as music is concerned?
L: My only reference point is music itself. 

LFdM: What’s the importance of words in a music written for the live dimension like yours ?
L: The importance of the words is only given by the person who listens. You can be listening to a song and give more credit to the lyrics or just listen to the song as a whole thing. I think that lyrics and words are overrated and many people try to express things in a very showy or overblown way... and they don't get the same result as if they had written it with another words. I say stop the drama and let your heart speak. And believe me, your heart will not talk as an old guy from the Renaissance!

LFdM: Have you ever been in Italy?
L: Indeed. I've been in Rome and Venice. And I just have to say that the first time I went there I was blown out because of the amazing landscapes, the stories that are hidden everywhere and the monuments. It was like being in an open-air museum! Hope to visit more of it soon.

LFdM: What kind of music or bands do you hear in private?
Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. I listen to HIM, The Used, Bring Me The Horizon, James Arthur, Get Scared, Hannu Lepisto, Chiodos, 30STM, Massive Attack (actually I'm starting nowadays), Ed Sheeran, The Neighbourhood, DRUGS, William Fitzsimmons, Deaf Havana, Skrillex... And thanks to my brother Carlos I'm listening to some artists that I've never been into, like Wiz Califa, Drake and some hiphop artists that give me a new perspective about music (and some cool ideas too).

LFdM: What are your dreams now ?
L: Let's say that at this moment I am working for them to become real. Dreams are nothing without work, so I prefer to show the results of working instead living talking about things that may happen. But of course, a huge part of it is meeting you all guys. I can't wait to take my music to any place and to share some time with you all, because your support is what keeps me going.

Interview by Michela

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