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SadDolls - Grave Party

Track List:
01. Rave To The Grave (Intro)
02. Lady Cry
03. Terminate Me
04. Dancing Shadows
05. Bleed Sister Bleed
06. Creeping Skies
07. Sexy And Undead
08. The Last Valentine
09. Angels (Making Love In The Dark)
10. My Suicide Girl
11. You Make Me Feel Like Nothing
12. On The Road 66

The Perversion of Dionysus

Always been considered as the one who brought fruits to maturity , Dionysus is also the god of intoxication, ecstasy and urge . With this third album, the Greek SadDoLLs have finally reached their natural musical metamorphosis .
Grave Party is the development of nearly a decade of music, which undoubtedly makes homage to their idols  while strengthening its artistic identity .
The balancing act between darkwave and industrial electronics is imposed with force and violence on almost all of the twelve tracks without ever losing intensity , reaching in some cases vertiginous peaks . The considerable use of synths intersect with harsh guitar riffs and the powerful punch of the battery.
In pure techno style , the opener " Rave To The Grave" immediately leave the place to the first single "Lady Cry" , that live is truly captivating , almost as the aesthetic impact of the video.
In a crescendo of sounds "Terminate Me," " Bleed Sister Bleed" and " Suicide Girl " combinate the most romantic aura of the band with the most carnal and earthly one . The album continues with the wonderful "Last Valentine" where the persuasive voice of the leader George echoes the sighs of Joanna David .
The atmosphere get back to dark and the angels of "Angels" unfold their wings towards eternity and then fall to the ground in an ecstasy without end  with"Sexy And Undead ."
If Happy Deathday (2012) has kept you company in the lonely nights making you pay even a few tears , Grave Party will have the ability to creep inside you,  freeing the most sacrilegious parts of your soul.

Rating: 8.5
Review by Michela
Italian review for Ondalternativa webmagazine

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