sabato 13 settembre 2014

Interview with Heid (Spain)

Pure folk metal for your heard!

Heid is a new folk death metal band.
They come from Madrid and on March 2014 they released their first EP “Voces de la Tierra Dormida“.

LFdM:  Hi guys, thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to interview you!
Well, first I’d like to ask you how everything is going with your first EP "Voces de la Tierra Dormida"?
H: Hi! Everything is going better than expected. We're very happy with the final result and the international reviews we're getting are more than encouraging. Some people abroad has bought the album and here in Spain it's getting known in the scene.

LFdM: Let us know what are the most important characteristics on  Heid's record?
H: The sound quality, the solid and raw compositions and our Castilian lyrics and instruments.

LFdM: What inspires the band when it comes to creating music?
H: Pagan metal names as Moonsorrow, Numen, Aiumeen Basoa, Finsterforst, Helheim, also Lamb of God, Molotov Solution, and medieval and Renaissance music.

LFdM: How much work goes into the stories behind each song?
H: We always write first the score before thinking of a story to talk about.
Once the music is finished, we do a little research about stories and myths whose feelings fit with it.
Then, when necessary, we make some arrangements to the music make it fit perfect. We are always looking for stories to tell, so we have a big folder with ideas for the future.

LFdM: Talk about the spanish guitars used in some tracks.
H: The way we use the Spanish guitar when composing is not different on how other European folk/pagan metal bands do.
The guitars were recorded by our admired friend Alejandro Tentor, who has studied classical and flamenco guitar.

LFdM: How are important the popular traditions of your country in your sound?
H: We appreciate it more and more every day and try to take it into our compositions.
We are not trying to “sound Spanish” but to show the enormous cultural richness that resides here in Castile, and in our new compositions we are trying our best to make that efford more palpable.

LFdM: What do you expect now?
H: These days we're looking forward the gig with Nothgard and Suru (Sept 4th, Madrid) and the split we're recording and that will be released through Darkwoods records.
We are working very hard to be sure you guys are gonna love it!

LFdM: We hope to see you as soon as possible! :)


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