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Rainover Interview

"Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth" was been released a few month ago... they are Rainover, a very nice gothic metal band from Spain...and this is our interview with Andrea (vocals).

LFdM: Let's talk about your origins. Spain is a land of immense musical tradition, how much of your homeland have you brought into your music?
Spain has indeed a wide musical tradition in the most varied genres, but we have to admit that, whilst we appreciate the vast musical heritage of our country, we feel mostly inspired and influenced by foreign music -maybe apart from a few rock and 80’s Spanish bands that some of us do like.
Regarding metal, most bands produced here during the last couple of decades fall in the classical heavy metal or power metal categories and, with some exceptions, haven’t really been an influence to us. In the last years we are having some interesting bands in the more extreme branches of metal we do listen to, but then again they’re mostly inspired themselves by foreign bands, same as we are, so it all goes back to music produced out of our frontiers, mostly!

LFdM:  Listening to your music, it's possible to feel a very modern approach to a traditional kind of music as the gothic/metal rock. Where does this innovation come from?

Our “core” influences lie in 90’s gothic and doom metal, but we also nourish ourselves from other styles. Among them, modern metal bands catch as well our attention, with dropped guitar tunings, electronic elements, and a more direct and intense song structure and sound. This is, in part, something that came naturally due to our musical likings, located between the old school bands of our style and the modern ones, and also something we decided to do as, in comparison to our old work (which we published as “Remembrances”), we wanted to have more intense and direct songs.
With this in mind, we worked in the preproduction of the album, and also when choosing guitar sounds for our recordings and the final mixing and mastering. So you have an album which is heavily impacted by our “classical” influences, but also by more modern sounds and a modern production to top it all.

LFdM: The band was founded in 2003 with the name Remembrances, but after a change of line up, you  also changed your name in Rainover. A name defines a band, identifies it: what drove you to a renewal so deep?
We basically changed the band name to avoid legal trouble. It has also been an opportunity to get a new start, and a name that defines what we are right now. We got the name from our song “Rain Over My Tears” and we feel really comfortable with it, as it identifies our sound and personality as a band. Conceptually, it reflects the topic of rain, which is a cyclic element of nature that holds the idea of rebirth –an important idea for the band that is also treated in the newest album, “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth”.

LFdM:  Reading your biography, I noticed that you also worked in Italy for the preparation of an album. What kind of experience was for you?
It was a very intense, interesting and instructive experience for us as a band. We spent there 21 days, living together for the first time, and working many hours a day in the studio. We nearly had every kind of moment there is to have within a band, from joy and laugh (a lot of laugh) to stress and tireness, but we managed to record it all on time (even with some things being not as easy as we had initially expected), and are of course very happy with the results. We also learned a lot, and on top of that we had the chance to visit a bit of the area, in particular the beautiful Firenze.

LFdM:   The creative process varies from person to person, from band to band. How do you get your tunes?
Classically, in the Remembrances era, Arturo (keyboards) used to be the most productive one in terms of composition and many of the tunes would be composed by him alone, but “Transcending the blue and drifting into rebirth” already welcomed the composing of other members and group efforts, and now it’s becoming a lot more of a team work, with the new compositions in the pipeline.
Right now different people bring ideas, and we work a lot in a “live” way in our rehearsal room. We do not really work by sharing files on the internet as other bands do, although we also work individually at home, and occasionally a member can bring a complete tune which we may use with few changes, if it sounds alright to us. We make sure everything is sounding right and all instruments are in their place, and generally everyone can add an idea on any instrument and part, apart from taking care of their own instrument and of course adding their own flavour as performer.

LFdM:  In 2009 you took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, a well-known and prestigious musical showcase. How was that experience for you? Did it helped you to be known in the music scene?
Well, it was a great experience for us, we got to know a lot of interesting people for us, we made some friends…It was very special for us, the result was not obviously what we would have liked since we didn’t get to the finals (expectable, anyway), but we had a really good time, we enjoyed those days and we actually got further than we would’ve imagined, given our musical style which is not very popular in our country. It did help us a bit in getting us known within our frontiers since we received many votes from many people, which helped us be the first in the metal categories and actually reach the Spanish semifinals.

 LFdM: Until now you played in a familiar context , confined to the Spanish area, but with the release of the new album you're planning touring in other countries such as England. How it feels to come out of a safe area to go conquering a wider musical world?
It honestly feels fantastic. The shows in Spain have been very good so far, and each new show is better than the previous one, but we’re seriously looking forward to playing in places where we feel our music is generally best received than here, such as England, or others. It will of course be different and more challenging, but also a lot more exciting.
Our first confirmed show in a foreign country is at the Quinphonic Festival, at the Roadhouse, in Birmingham (UK), in April 5th 2015, and it’s a show where all five bands will headline with full sets and the same conditions, so we’re very glad to have been picked as one of these five bands to play at the fest. And there are even better news, as that there are more shows to be confirmed outside our borders! We can’t wait to play in front of many new -and some known- faces.

LFdM:  Do you already have particular projects in mind, maybe some small preview for us in Italy?
Our projects for the near future are the first Rainover videoclip, which is right now in the preproduction phase, and presenting our album in the live environment in as many places as we can! We would surely love to visit Italy. It’s one of our favourite countries and no doubt it’s had some presence in the history of the band so far, so we’d love to someday play there!

LFdM:  Thanks for giving us a bit of your time and good luck for your career
Thanks to you for your time, interest in the band, and a great interview!

Words and english review by Dora ed Alessia

Andrea Casanova (vocals) 
Arturo Hernández (keyboards) 
Anthon Lo (guitars) 
Quini Pelegrín (drums) 
Antonio Perea (bass and vocals)

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