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Thalie Némésis - Interview

Thalie Nemesis is a french female solo project. "Nemesis" album is an universe of gothic, trip hop and dark wave atmospheres.

We would first like to thank you for this interview. Make known the music in all its nuances and facets is the primary purpose that we have and we are really happy and proud to talk with you. So, let's begin!
Thalie: It's a pleasure for me to to do this interview. Thank you so much for asking me.

LFdM: The desire to make music, to bring others into their inner world is always the spring that pushes the musicians to start a project, or at least, it is usually the case. What can you tell us about yourself? What pushed you toward music?
T: I felt quite fast that I had the need to exteriorize some dark stuff that was buried deep inside me. So I needed to write my own songs. First I wanted so much to belong to a band, a real rock band with guitar-bass-drums, and I used to listen to riot girls that were a great influence for me. But I never managed to be really satisfied in a band, so I started my solo project.

LFdM: listening to your songs, the dominant impression is to be in front of a cross-section of private life, something very intimate and personal made of lyrics and music. Is it really like that? How much of you can we find in your songs?
T: Actually it's the intimate me I can't express usually, in normal life. But it's also hidden behind masks in my music, different masks : myths, psychoanalysis...

LFdM: The atmospheres and sounds immediately recall a certain type of very specific world. You can hear influences from surrealism, you can embrace a universe of suggestions and dreams very strong. It is almost as if the music would create images, fragments of sequences easily translatable into frames, a bit as if you were in a movie, one of those that show you another reality, sometimes even incomprehensible. What are the influences that, most of all, give shape to your music?
T: Symbolism is one of my favorite art movements and onirism is the dimension I'd like to reach in my music. 'Cause unfortunately , we live in “a world in which action is not the sister of dream”, said Baudelaire. Thankfully we have music.

LFdM: It is possible that in your pieces you put something of your French roots? I spoke of atmosphere because it seems to be possible to perceive the colors of your land, a particular French mood. Is it just me, or even your land has been able to inspire you?
T: I'm not sure about French landscapes... 'cause I live in the south. Maybe I'm more influenced by great XIXth French literature, a kind of French inheritage. 
But I also have oriental roots, which may rather influence my work.

LFdM: Surely every artist can not fail to look to other bands as a reference point, not just to imitate them, but to have a benchmark. Is there any musician in particular that has a special value for you and your music?
T: Just one? It's difficult of course... But I really love the amazing work Tori Amos made on her vocals. And her crazy piano playing.

LFdM: When it comes to music people do not always realize how many studies and how many sacrifices there are behind mastering the voice or even being able to play an instrument. You have that kind of musical history?
T: I'm not classical... have never been to Conservatories, for example. But yes, of course, I studied music, guitar, piano, vocals. It's a research that never ends. And I wish I could continue to study lyrical singing soon.

LFdM: Technique and feeling are two elements that coexist, which reinforce and feed each other. The one without the other could not exist in a musical project. In your case came before the technique or the feeling?
T: The feeling, of course! Then to be able to express what is deep inside you, to exteriorize it, you must work the technique. But it will always be the servant of the feeling, which is essential in music.

LFdM: To record their pieces in the studio I think it is a great privilege as well as an experience that only who makes music can understand. For you, what it means to get into a recording studio?
T: It's really intimate, 'cause I record all by myself in my own room! So it's DIY. But I'm glad 'cause I have good tools, and I like my intimacy. It allows me to shiver at some songs when finally I'm happy with them.

LFdM: There comes a time when an artist has to face the most difficult trial, but perhaps also the most rewarding of all: a live concert. What emotions do you feel before going on stage? What do you feel when you're on stage? And what kind of experience is to face the audience while you propose them your songs?
T: I have to confess I'm really nervous before I go on stage... Then, when I am, I really feel like I'm totally another person, being able to do things I wouldn't be able to do in my “non artistic” life.

LFdM: You’re currently working on Modules étranges. What can we expect from this album and what are your future plans?
T: Well, we're five singers working on this album, male and female. I think the album is about to be released. It's a good mix of electro, and post-punk moods. We also planned a split EP together and recorded some tracks. The work is in progress.

 LFdM: Again many thanks for this interview and good luck for your career!
T: My pleasure!

(Interview by Dora, editing by Alessandra and Alessia)

Némésis - tracks : 
1. Intro - The Hunting (si poteris narrare, licet)
2. Némésis
3. The Puzzler
4. I'm a witch
5. Stockholm syndrome
6. Waste
7. Paris at night
8. Towards dusk
9. Call the Fire
10. Winter song

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