martedì 29 novembre 2016

Sólstafir release new video, re-sign with Season of Mist, and record new album

SÓLSTAFIR are now releasing a new video for the track "Dagmál", which has been taken from the band's latest full-length 'Ótta'. The enigmatic Icelandic rockers are also releasing news about their re-signing to Season of Mist and the recording of their forthcoming new album, which can be read below.

SÓLSTAFIR comment on the video: "The album cycle of 'Ótta' is coming to a close with a third and final video for the song, 'Dagmál'. The live footage for this clip was shot over the course of 18 months of heavy touring. The video features our newest band member, Hallgrímur 'Grimsi' Hallgrímsson, who started filling in behind the kit in April 2015.

On further news, Season of Mist are proud to announce the re-signing of SÓLSTAFIR. The band states: "With our previous contract coming to an end, we have had plenty of great offers on the table for which we are grateful. Yet, why should we end a good thing? The entire team works brilliantly together and everyone involved decided that continuing is the logical step moving forward."

Today also marks the start of the third week of SÓLSTAFIR recording their new album. Vocalist and guitarist Adalbjörn "Addi" Tryggvason comments on behalf of the band: "We are back here at Sundlaugin for the third time to record our seventh album. We feel right at home and after being locked up in songwriting mode for two months, it is a one of a kind feeling hearing the demos gaining life. We have fourteen songs recorded, including one cover version, but at the moment it' is too early to tell what will end up on the album. The new album will definitely sound like SÓLSTAFIR and as always, there will be surprises too."

The forthcoming full-length will be produced by Birgir Birgirsson (SIGUR RÓS, ALCEST) who also was responsible for 'Ótta'. Working alongside Birgir, Jaime Gomez Arellano (GHOST, PARADISE LOST, ULVER) has come to Iceland, bringing his unique style and experience into the production as a new element.

Jaime Gomez Arellano adds: "I feel humbled to have the opportunity of working with SÓLSTAFIR. As a fan of the band for many years, I have been trying to work with them before and now it is finally happening. So far it has been a great, creative and positive experience. Working alongside Birgir in his beautiful Studio Sundlaugin has been very productive and fun. I am very excited about the new material."

The new album is yet to be titled and will be mixed at Jaime's Orgone Studios in the UK.

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