venerdì 24 febbraio 2017


With full steam towards the future of Steam-Punk!

Where aesthetics meets hard riffs and the wondrous worlds of retro-futurism are not only find expression visually but also in music, it is the place where POISON GARDEN are inviting their fans to a special journey:

With their debut album “A Victorian Carol” the Italian musicians that are supported by the Wacken-Foundation have managed to serve us a soundtrack of a whole sub-culture, that is both retrospective and futuristic. The world that is presented to the listeners by the Romans is characterized by shredding guitars that, together with the powerful yet hauntingly beautiful voice of front-woman and bassist Anais Noir, is merging to an unique masterpiece. A blend of industrial sounds, orchestral-burlesque elements and pure Metal will fascinate Metal-heads as well as Steampunk-enthusiasts alike.

Even if music lovers of our time rather pick up some other instruments to play their media than a gramophone: This new release shouldn’t be missed by anybody! So, even if it seems that POISON GARDEN are from another period of time, their debut-album “A Victorian Carol” will be released in our imminent time on February 24th of 2017 and will charm the audience with their wonderful debut album.