giovedì 2 marzo 2017

Battle Beast - Interview

Hi guys, I'm pleased and honoured to welcome you to Les Fleurs Du Mal Webzine. Our readers are eager to know about you and your upcoming new work.

Interview by Margherita Realmonte (MEG)

LFdM: Let's start with a short introduction: how would you describe your band to those who still don't know it?
Noora Louhimo: We are a six-piece heavy metal band on a mission to bring party attitude back to this music. Oh, and we also have the best lead singer in the whole heavy metal scene!

LFdM: Battle Beast is such a cool name. Very easy to remember, pretty aggressive and evocative. Is there a particular reason why you chose it?
NL: I think it sounded just punchy and also best band names always have  two words. Battle Beast kind of sticks to your mind.

LFdM: Your band is one of the few female fronted ones: at the beginning with Nitte Valo, now with Noora Louhimo, both very vocally gifted, and both look like totally in command and very comfortable with their role. Don't get me wrong, but I imagine that being a woman in such a world full of testosterone could be tough at times. Do you agree?
NL: Well, I don't know about that. I think if you know what you are doing, represent it well and know how to negotiate in the music business, it doesn't matter which gender you are. And as a woman just shouldn't take things too emotionally. I think this industry and bands need women to give balance to the whole.

LFdM: Noora, I suppose you owe your powerful and roaring voice to a lot of determination and natural talent, but I wonder if you also took music lessons or if you are a totally self made singer. How was it to take Nitte's place? Did you feel immediately comfortable or did you find it a bit hard at the beginning?
NL: At first self-taught, later on I took private lessons on classical and pop/jazz vocals. Rock and heavy styles I've been self-taught. Just getting the rasp in my voice at first took over a year. Then I started developing other hard-sounds. Taking Nitte's place in Battle Beast felt very natural even I had not sang heavy metal before BB. But I knew this where I create my own style as heavy metal artist. In this band I can express myself as an artist in all the ways possible and it make me feel very satisfied.
Now I also teach vocals and performing to others.

LFdM: How would you describe your upcoming album, Bringer Of Pain? 
Why this title?
NL: Again, it just sounded like a punchy title. Also, I think it captures the attitude of the band and the album ell – it's a fun, versatile record with each song hitting the listener with something new. 

LFdM: Which are the main differences or similarities between this new album and your previous works, the debut Steel and the previous one, Unholy Saviour, for example?
NL: All our albums are very different. Steel for me was our most  ”true”metal record whereas Unholy Savior I consider our most power metal album. This new one is the most varied so far – I think every song is different from the other, which makes it an exciting listen.

LFdM: Is there a song, or more than one, of the new album you feel for some reasons closer to?
NL: Really hard to tell for now. I guess it will take some more live shows to see which songs stand out for me.

LFdM: I watched the video of King For A Day, a very catchy tune, by the way, but now I am curious to know who inspired you for this negative image of a king...
NL: It's not about a king exactly, but basically about any immoral person wielding political power. Just look at the news – you know the people I'm talking about.

LFdM: Which songs of the new album do you think would work better live?
NL: We'll have to see. So far we've only played the two singles, but I bet there's some really good live favourites on this record.

LFdM: How does the songwriting process work in your band?
NL: Everybody writes songs and lyrics and after we have enough ready, we pick the songs we like the best for the album.

LFdM: Where do you find inspiration for the lyrics of your songs?
NL: I think we all have very open mind about that. Whatever inspires you really.

LFdM: How would you describe your sound, if you had to label it?
NL: Epic power metal pop.

LFdM: What are your main sources of inspiration, musically speaking? Who were your music heroes when you were a kid?
NL: I was really into classic 80's metal as a kid, later on my music taste broadened and other influences sneaked in too. Nowadays, with six people in the band making music, the amount of influences is purely massive!

LFdM: Is there a band or a musician you would love to work with, both live or in the studio?
NL: Never really thought of it that way. I've always been very content with our band consisting of just us six. Maybe with some other future projects but it's really impossible to say.

LFdM: Is there a band you've been often compared to, but you'd prefer not?
NL: I don't really mind any comparisons. People will take your music as they hear it. If they think it sounds similar to, let’s say Lady Gaga, who am I to argue?

LFdM: How do you spend your spare time when you are not recording or touring?
NL: Like normal people. Go to a day job, go to band rehearsals, enjoy outsides with my dog... you know, everyday stuff.

LFdM: Do you prefer big arenas or smaller venues? 
Festivals or headlining acts?
NL: Both have their virtues. On big stages you have space to run around and go crazy, on the other hand, on smaller clubs you often reach the kind of crazy atmosphere you just can never reach on outside festivals.

LFdM: As far as I know, you'll have a show in Italy on March 8th in Brescia, at a pretty small but cozy venue, called Circolo Colony.  What should Italian fans expect from a Battle Beast live act indoor?
NL: An evening full of good times and good music. We are working our hardest to make the next tour our biggest show so far. Really looking forward to seeing all our Italian friends again :)

LFdM: Thanks a lot guys for your time and kindness, it's been a pleasure for me! I can't wait to see you performing live here very soon! Kiitos paljon!