venerdì 22 luglio 2016

Denominate released a single from their upcoming album.

A Finnish progressive death metal band Denominate have just released a single "Penumbra" from their upcoming album. The debut full length album "Those Who Beheld The End" is released August 5th 2016 via Inverse Records

Denominate draws influence from bands like Death and Carcass and blends it together with newer, more progressive and technical elements to create a progressive sound with a touch of old-school.

Listen to Penumbra on Spotify

Track list:
01. In A Chasm Of Stone
02. Degradation
03. Penumbra
04. The Demented Scholar of Abatos
05. Torments of Silence
06. Apeirophobia
07. Terrestrial Funeral

Vocals – Ville Männikkö
Guitars – Kimmo Raappana
Guitars – Eetu Pylkkänen
Bass – Tuomas Pesälä
Drums – Joni Määttä