giovedì 7 luglio 2016

The Order - Interview

Interview by Michela (Anesthesia) and Andrea 
Edit by Alessandra

LFdM: Hello and thank you for this interview. Let's start with a slight little question: Over ten years of his career: how do you stay in shape?
Bruno: Hi, I’m Bruno, the Guitar Player. Well, as you can see on the Albumcover, we’re in damn good shape for being old men, right? We hit the Gym at least twice a day to look sexy for our female fans! Joking apart: I think you refer to our music.  Well, we have over 10 years an unchanged line-up so we are a well-rehearsed team, we know each other very good, personally and musically. Therefore it is not mandatory for us to rehearse twice a Week. Its more like twice a Month.

LFdM: The previous 1986 was published four years ago, and perhaps did not get the acclaim it deserved. On what you bet for the release of Rock 'n' Rumble?
B: To be honest: After that long time in the business, we’re realistic enough to not expect too much. We made the best Album that we could and we’ve put a lot of lifeblood in this record. We’re very happy with the result and we hope, that the people like it to. Of course, the Record Company promotes the album as good as they can and we do the same with some Shows and other activities, but at the end of the day it is always a question of the right timing, if an album is successful or not. The most important thing for me is, that we are happy with the album and we are definitely.

LFdM: I found the sound of your CD very spontaneous, very "live". Do you comfirm, or viceversa has been a long job in the studio?
B: The production of this album took almost one year, but we spent just about 15 days in the studio. We’ve recorded the Basics live (Drums, Bass and Guitar) at the Studio of our longtime Live-Engineer Sven, then I made all overdubs, additional Keyboards and Strings at my home Studio. After that, Gianni went over to Achim Köhler and laid down the Vocals on the tracks. Finally, Achim took care about the Mix and the Mastering.  We started with the first Recording Session in March 2015 and finished the Mix exactly one Year later. 

LFdM: Can you please tell us something abut how was to work with Achim Kohler, who has mainly worked with power metal bands like Primal Fear and Brainstorm?
B: The first time, we met Achim was about six years ago, when we played a Show in Germany together with Sinner; Achim was the Live Engineer at the Venue and he did an amazing Job behind the mixing Desk. And of course we knew, that he is not only a great Live Engineer but also a well known Producer; After the Show we came to talk. Achim told us that he likes our music a lot and that he would like to work with us sometime. Some Years later, we recorded two Songs for a Dio-Tribute-CD and we asked Achim to mix those songs. We liked the result a lot and so we wanted him to take care about the Mix and the Mastering of our next Album which was Rock’n’Rumble. Achim understood immediately what kind of Sound we wanted for the Album. Already the first Mixes that he sent over where almost perfect. We’re very happy with the Sound of the Album, it was definitely the right decision to give the collaboration a try.

LFdM: You have always played a hard rock from the 80’s. A song like "Rock 'n Rumble (1984)" is a tribute to those years when many great hard rock bands have been produced?
B: Exactly. When we started the Band 10 Years ago, we had more Metal influences in our Sound. This is not really surprising, considering three of us played in a Thrash Metal Band named GURD before. Over the years the Metal Influences became less and the Hard Rock Influences increased. This was an absolutely natural progression. I mean, at least three of us grew up in the 80ies with Bands like Van Halen or Mötley Crue and we simply have been up to play the music we love since back then.  

LFdM: One of my favorite pieces is "Gimme A Yeah" where you omaggiate briefly Krokus with "Long Stick Goes Boom". I imagine that the band of Marc Storace is one of your important reference point, right?
B: Not really. Don’t get me wrong, we like Krokus a lot, but I don’t think that they had a big influence on our sound apart from “Gimme A Yeah”. We just found out, that the intro of “Long Sticks” sounds exactly the same like the ending of “Gimme A Yeah”. So we decided to put a short part of “Long Sticks” at the end of our Song. It’s a Joke, nothing more. 

LFdM: How do you look to the future? What are your plans now?
B: We’re gonna play some Shows and Festivals here in Switzerland and we’re busy to book more shows for this Winter/Fall. Since all of us have fulltime Jobs and Families it is very difficult for us to go on tour. This is why we concentrate on single Shows here in Switzerland and in Germany. And I already started with the Songwriting for the next Album.  Between the last and the actual Album lie four years, what is definitely too long. The goal should be to release the next album in 2018.

LFdM: Thank you very much and see you soon.
B: Thanks to you

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