giovedì 19 gennaio 2017

Finnish messengers of death, Hautajaisyö released a new single!

From the depths of Finnish melancholy and messenger of death Hautajaisyö  (Funeral Night) released a new single on 19.01.2017 and its called “Unohdetut” (the forgotten). 
This song is the most melodic song they have ever played and the two guitarists play melodic and brutal riffs like never before. With the normal low growling vocals comes more “heavy metal” style clean vocals done by Tomas Ahlroos from Omniversum band. Same man were featuring in the first Hautajaisyö album. Band's melancholy thrash & melodic death metal has a unique taste in them. Finnish sung vocals are not traditional death metal lyrics. Songs are hard and brutal, but still melodic in many ways. Second song in the single is a cover song from a Finnish hard rock band “Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus”  and the long song title mean “62”. Hautajaisyö is making its second album as we speak and the release is scheduled later this year.

Listen to Unohdetut single on Spotify

Hautajaisyö – Unohdetut 
01. Unohdetut 
02. Kuusikymmentäkaksi (Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus cover) 

”Unohdetut” composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By: Hautajaisyö ”Unohdetut” single (2017) 

Kuusikymmentäkaksi” Original song by: Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus. 
Composed By, Arranged By, Lyrics By: Timo Rautiainen 
from: Itku Pitkästä Ilosta (2000) 
By: Ranka Records 

Janne Partanen - Vocals 
Sami Pirskanen - Guitars 
Ville Moisanen - Guitars 
Simo Pesonen - Bass 
Teemu Roth - Drums 
&  Tomas Ahlroos from Omniversum on clean vocals