venerdì 3 giugno 2016


Imagine if HIM, MOONSPELL, THE 69 EYES, DEPECHE MODE and PARADISE LOST created a new supergroup – this would be a dream come true for the worldwide gothic metal and dark rock fans community! Well, what if we told you that this dream actually exists … and that it originates from Athens?  

Founded in 2007, SADDOLLS is a Greek Darkwave Metal band, whose second album, "Happy Deathday” did not only score stellar reviews across established scene magazines but also was promoted by none other than Silke Yli-Sirnio (ex-manager of HIM). 

In fact, later in 2012, the band had the honour to play a HIM tribute concert with ex-HIM keyboardist, Juska Salminen aka Zoltan Pluto!  Their latest album “Grave Party” also included a guest appearance by Skinny Disco, one of the vocalists of the gothic metal icons DEATHSTARS, which continued to gain popularity. 

Famous German gothic magazine SONIC SEDUCER stated that “Grave Party“ …is an absolutely strong and versatile album which hits the ears and legs at the same time.”  

Their complete discography has been re-released by Trisol and we now invite you to join us in the cemetery to party with SADDOLLS.