mercoledì 1 giugno 2016

Defiled premiere third new track via Metal Obsession (AU)

DEFILED are unleashing the third new song taken from their forthcoming album 'Towards Inevitable Ruin', which is slated for worldwide release on July 8th.

The Japanese cult death metal act is now exclusively streaming the uncompromisingly brutal track "Fear From Above" via Australia's Metal Obsession as official media partner at the link below.

Mastermind Yusuke Sumita states: "Remember the first time that you tried a beer in your youth. It was bitter and there was no way that you could have liked such a taste. Meanwhile you have quite likely become big fans of beer. Alright, let us cut the crap. We are aware that some of you guys are at least surprised by the production of this album, which we as die hard tube amp worshipers and lovers of old school death have specifically designed. Actually, we are very proud of using real vintage Mesa Boogie amps. Well, here we have a third taster for you. Check it out and we sincerely hope that you will begin to enjoy our ultimately raw sound!"