martedì 13 settembre 2016

ETHS premiere video clip

ETHS are now premiering the first video outtake from the French modern metal stars' latest full-length 'Ankaa'. The clip for "Nihil Sine Causa" featuring former ARKAN singer Sarah Layssac and Jon Howard from THREAT SIGNAL is exclusively streaming via Rock Hard Italy

"Nihil Sine Causa"
Featuring Sarah LAYSSAC & Jon HOWARD
Lyrics & Music by Staif BIHL
Produced by Staif BIHL
From Album "Ankaa" (2016)

Directed by Edza Films

Direction & editing: Robin Levet
Director of photography: Kévin Cavigioli
Photography: Sophie Cesari, Julien Ciancaleoni, Kévin Cavigioli, Robin Levet
Camera assistant: Sébastien Revelin
Special effects: Adrien Didier
Make up: Jaqueline Mattei
Costumes: Stéphanie Cappellini
Props: MaryMorgan Witch et l'ordre des corbeaux
Making of: Fabien Decorde
Filmed on location at the Maison Hantée in Marseilles, France

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