giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Emptiness premiere first song and reveal details of new full-length

EMPTINESS are unveiling the first stunning track taken from their forthcoming album 'Not for Music', which will be out in stores on January 20th.

The track "Meat Heart" is now exclusively streaming via Metalitalia

Regarding "Meat Heart", EMPTINESS comment: "Do you honestly think that your emotions make you an individual being? The loss of a loved one, the memories of a past life, everything here exists so you confront your own egocentricity. 'Meat Heart' is a necessary setting for the dreaded self-reflecting voyage that awaits you. It is 'Not for Music', it is about light and darkness."

1. Meat Heart
2. It Might Be
3. Circle Girl
4. Your Skin Won't Hide You
5. Digging The Sky
6. Ever
7. Let It Fall