domenica 17 dicembre 2017

AUDREY HORNE – Release Second Single & Music Video “Audrevolution”!

It’s time for AUDREVOLUTION!

AUDREY HORNE have already fully enthralled the music industry and worldwide press with their highly anticipated new album „Blackout“ – set to be released on January 12th 2018 via Napalm Records! 

Read what the worldwide press has to say: 

"Much like the Twin Peaks character for whom they are named, Audrey Horne just wants to have fun, and "Blackout"'s no-nonsense metalrock certainly succeeds."
~ Invisible Oranges, US 

"Audrey Horne are bringing subtile variations to the songs on Blackout, which freshens their music up!” 
~ Metallian Magazine, France 

"Once again Audrey Horne proved their unconventional and ingenious creativity, crafting a brilliant jewel adorned by the gems of NWOBHM, AOR and Scan Rock!"
~ Rock Hard Magazine, Italy  

"A new album you must have if you are a classic hard rock fan!"
~ Rock Hard Magazine, France 

"2018 has just started and the album of the year is already a fact!" 
~ Rock Tribune, Belgium

“The Norwegians deliver a rock hard lesson to Blackout with catchy songs and intense riffs!”
~ Metal Obs Magazine, France

Now please welcome the second single “Audrevolution”! 

AUDREY HORNE states:               
“We just gave you a war, now we bring you a revolution! We are super psyched to present the second single AUDREVOLUTION from our new album “Blackout” Viva le résistance!”