mercoledì 25 maggio 2016

Inverse Records to release “Sway For A Better Day” by Israeli extreme metal band Sintax!

Sintax was formed by members of Shwortsechaye & Birth in late 2010. 
Since then they have toured Israel and have an established fan base all over the country. The band is considered one of the best metal live act in Israel to date. The band also had a special feature on Israeli Headbangers Ball and they have released two music videos from the album; 

Sintax released earlier a small limited CD-edition of the “Sway For A Better Day” album and it is now released digitally via Inverse Records on June 17th 2016.

Roi Illouz – Guitars
Yehi Zaken – Vocals
Nir Baruch – Drums
Lemmy Keller – Guitars
Misha “Kaban” Kachkan – Bass

Sway For A Better Day (Inverse Records) 2016