sabato 7 maggio 2016

Sylvaine premieres complete new album

SYLVAINE is fully revealing her new album 'Wistful', which has been scheduled for release on May 13th. The sophomore full-length of the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist is now exclusively streaming via Rock Hard Italy

SYLVAINE comments: "To me 'Wistful' is an album holding extremely personal moments and conveys a heightened state of alienation, frustration, and resignation, partially as a result of loosing contact with the known, while big changes were occurring in my life during 2014. The record showcases a more focused expression, with songs that all relate to one another in a more natural way than on my first full-length 'Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart', getting me closer to what I imagined to be the sound of SYLVAINE when I started the project. Now I am already working on my third album, but cannot wait to see what people will make of this dark, lush piece that comforted me on those days when I felt the most lost some years ago."