martedì 16 agosto 2016

Daniel Lioneye - il nuovo album disponibile in streaming!

Daniel Lioneye -  in streaming l'interno album Vol. III.

L'album verrà pubblicato il prossimo 19 agosto per l'etichetta The End Records.

Il chitarrista parla così a Metal Hammer: "Under cold and uncaring eyes of the dead, who stand ever-watchful in the heart of the winter, Daniel Lioneye howled and – lets face it – whimpered out this gospel of oblivion and meaninglessness. It is indeed a desperate prayer gone horribly wrong, a plea for mercy violently morphed into a harsh greeting from the kingdom of Lihaperkele, an ancient northern god of insanity, harvest and hallucinations."

Track List:
1. Messier 0
2. Blood On The Floor
3. Break It Or Heal It
4. License To Defile
5. Ravensong
6. Alright
7. Baba Satanas
8. Aetherside
9. Dancing With The Dead
10. Oh God In Your Great Mercy
11. Mathematics Of The Storm

12. Neolithic Way (2016)

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