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The Hypothesis - Interview

The Hypothesis is a modern melodic death metal band formed during deadly cold winter 2009 in Kouvola. Last May they released their beautiful debut-album, "Origin”. (Here our review)
Their guitarist Juuso Turkki gave us this nice interview. 

Interview by Michela (Anesthesia)

LFdM: Hello guys, thanks for this space. The first question is always the more mundane but equally important: How The Hypothesis were born? Or rather, what was the spark that triggered this mechanism?
Juuso: The Hypothesis were born when a bunch of friends wanted to play technical and heavy metal music in deepest and darkest of Finland, in Kouvola 2009.

LFdM: "Origin" is inspired by the tradition of Scandinavian death metal, what about it? What and who were your biggest influences?
J: All music generally have affected our music, not only metal or rock genres. But if I had to mention one guitar influence, a heavy metal band, that would be Pantera.

LFdM:  We often impose to label every band or album. We talked about death metal, but Origin seems to have passed through these doors. What is your opinion?
J: I think Origin has the roots of original death metal but has a developed deeper atmospheric, yet heavy sound. The band might sound different in the future but I think the material will always include atleast one note of death metal.

LFdM: Death metal draws its origins from far away and often traces have a common thread. What kind of story did you want to tell, or what you'd like to tell in the future?
J: The future is still shrouded in mist but this album is about everydays life. The theme in “Origin” is about giving up old bad stuff and habits and embracing the good and new things in life. There are different scenarios in each song, for example in “Exit” theres a friend who struggles with drugs and stuff and can’t get out.

LFdM: How do you see today's musical scene?
J: We live somekind of a breakthrough moment in music generally. For example many sold out metal festivals in Finland so I think people are starting to enjoy live shows once again. We’ll see how it goes!

LFdM: You have played well with contrasts, mixing tunes at parties much more extreme. What are the extremes of Origin?
J: Loud Vocals, loud guitar solos, loud Drums and of course experimental synths.

LFdM: I have seen that you are working a lot in the media, recently you also posted videos. What are the future plans? Do you already have new material?
J: Yeah, we have already begun the writing-process for the new album. We are also doing shows during fall and winter alongside writing new songs. The new material will be more faster, catchy and darker.

LFdM: Thanks for this interview!
J: Thank you too!


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