giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Hierophant announce new album and stream first track

Italian sludgy death metal outfit HIEROPHANT are now unleashing the first track from their forthcoming album 'Mass Grave'. 
The band will release their fourth full-length on November 4th. 
 The title track "Mass Grave" is exclusively streaming via Metalitalia 

Regarding "Mass Grave", HIEROPHANT comment: "This song expresses the path we took in the best way. It represents a new chapter for the band since we have had changes in our line-up. The world is falling apart day by day and we are all part of this enormous and disgusting mass grave." 

The artwork of 'Mass Grave' has been created by the renowned Italian painter Paolo Girardi (INQUISITION, THE LION'S DAUGHTER) 

01. Hymn of Perdition 
02. Execution of Mankind 
03. Forever Crucified 
04. Mass Grave 
05. Crematorium 
06. In Decay 
07. Sentenced to Death 
08. The Great Hoax 0
9. Trauma 
10. Eternal Void 

Lorenzo: vocals, guitar 
Ben: drums 
Steve: guitar 
Giacomo: bass, backing vocals