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Aeverium – interview

We had the pleasure of chatting with AEVERIUM a melodic metal band from Viersen who told us a bit of his music and much more. Let's start!

LFdM: Winner of M'Era Luna Contest Festival... what has this experience been for you?
Chubby: This was really amazing, we didn’t expect to play there and to win this contest, so you can imagine that we were really excited. It's all about the fans and our social media activities. We´re thankful for everyone who supported us in the past, and thanks to them and their support we had the privilege to play on the main stage, sharing it with acts like Marylin Manson, Paradise Lost and Within Temptation. We didn’t expect so much audience in the morning at a dark festival, you know, haha! But they gave us a warm welcome to this familiar, friendly and beautiful festival. We had the best 20min of our lives. But one thing is for sure: no more contests! This is sooo nerve killing, when you have a real good competition running with many other great bands… but we survived it!

LFdM: You are not an usual goth band, you mixed  the dark side of Manson with the sound of Rammstein, to the sweet voice of Aeva. Your music is full of emotions. What are your main music references?
Chubby: We always had that feeling, we wanted to make our music full of emotions, but in a kickass way you know… 
Everyone loves Rammstein, Type O Negative, Disturbed, Korn, or Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation and “Non-Metal-Acts” like Depeche Mode, Prodigy or composers like Hans Zimmer. So it was a logical consequence that we'd try to compose our songs with no compromises. We love the difference between the beauty, epicness, symphonic and heroic hooks, combined with the “beastly”, heavy, dark and raw tunes. But in a good balance, so that everyone can listen to this music… not just only metalheads, gothics, emos or “trues”.  We wanted to create music for everyone, even for the conservative guy next door.

LFdM: When and why did you start playing?
Chubby: One day, Michael (the guitar player) came up and asked me if would sing some lines for some tracks he composed together with our keyboarder Andi. Actually he was my neighbor but I didn’t realized at that time that he is a “godgiven composer from hell”, haha! Well, he send me some tunes and was like WOW, this is great stuff. I don’t want to sing just that one time…so let's establish a great rock band! That was the start of AEVERIUM, back in 2012/2013. At this point, Micha, Andi and I started to look for some great  musicians. It was July 2013 as we started the pre -production of our very first songs. In December 2013 we released our first EP and Music video. AEVERIUM was officially born.
The reason WHY we´ve founded AEVERIUM is easy: After many years of sucking in many bands and living a normal life with family, jobs and friends… we thought: come on, lets try to become Rockstars again! No, really, this is it. Our families support us and AEVERIUM all the time as best as they can…without their help, we would play in some fucking cover band, earning money and getting unhappy with our musical creativity.

LFdM: Could you tell us about "The Harvest" ?
Chubby: We reap what we sow, that’s the point! Our very first sign of life. We thought for a long time of which songs  to put on this EP and we´re really happy with the final result. A good cross-section of our music.

LFdM: What kind of audience would you like to hit?
Chubby: As we mentioned, everybody who likes feelings, emotions and epicness in music. I could imagine, that Linkin Park Fans and either Nightwish or Rammstein Fans would like our music. So there´s no limit.

LFdM: "Rest In Peace" is a  song dedicated to Pete Steele, one of the latest great artists of this century, why Pete?
Chubby: One day, Michael came into the rehearsal room and we talked about some great bands we liked. I mentioned Type-O-Negative´s “October Rust” Album and that was Michael's fav too. I said, that it’s a shame that Peter died 3 years ago; Michael was really surprised, cause he didn’t knew that Peter Steel passed away 3 years ago, he wasn’t in the scene for years, so he was very shocked.
Due to our love to Pete´s music, and due to Michael´s shock and sadness, he composed this song in few minutes! Next day he stepped into our rehearsal room and said: “Guys, this is a song I wrote yesterday, pre produced it with all instruments…here´s a microphone, sing”.

LFdM:You played a lot of festivals and gigs and in november you'll play an acoustic show with Anneke, How important is to share a stage with a great artist for you?
Chubby: We started playing live in January and we had some gigs, but we focused on composing and pre producing songs for a full length album. But yes, we have had some festivals in our area and many nice club shows though! Next year we'll try to do a tour with a bigger band, and after that we will release our very first album. These gigs are really important for sure! Its always exciting to see how the fans of the main band react to AEVERIUM.

LFdM: Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?
Chubby: Sure!!! 'Cause you never know how the next audience will react. At this point we´ve only had great gigs, positive reactions and a very warm welcome on stage… so you never know, what will happen at the next gig… but honestly: this feeling is one of the best you can have as a musician, and we are definitely a live band! The stage means a lot to us!

LFdM: Our blog is mainly about  European bands. In your opinion, is there an "american dream" for a band like yours?
Chubby: The question is: WHAT IS THE AMERICAN DREAM? Getting famous, hang out with some ladies, sex, drugs and rocknroll? If it's so then: YES! No seriously, as long as we don’t have to raise money to keep the band alive, everything is fine. It's all about playing live, learn to know many people on many concerts who like our music and don’t forget where are we coming from, cause nothing beats the family!

Thanks a lot for your time and good luck for your career.
We hope to see you soon in Italy!

(Interview by Michela, edit by Alessia)

Track list:
01 - Do You Remember
02 - Rest in Peace
03 - Heaven´s Burning (Harvest Time)

04 - The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Aeva Maurelle - vox
Marcel "Chubby" Römer - vox
Michael Karius - guitar
Lars Dannenberg - bass
Andreas Delvos - keys, sounds
Klaus Radtke - drums

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