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Finland has always accustomed us to a particular type of music, made of inspiration, movements of the heart and a sophisticated style. Les Fleurs du Mal had the pleasure of interviewing a band that just comes from the land of ice, snow and music to talk a bit of their project and much more. Here: The Passion of Our Souls!

Les Fleurs du Mal: We know very well the finnish music scene and the wonderful landscapes of the country. Where do you come from?
Samuli: Hello!!! We come from the southern part of Finland. Julia is originally from  Hämeenlinna and I'm near Hämeenlinna too,  in the municipality of Janakkala. So we both live  less than an hour away from Helsinki, Tampere etc. 

LFdM: Elements of industrial, metal core, and melodic death metal are infused together to create something special. How did you start this project?
Samuli: We met  each other and we began to carry out together our passion for music. We have different kind of backgrounds in music. Julia has been singing and composing pop and rock music and I've been doing loads of different genres, but mainly metal, so that's how our styles came together.
Julia: We met last autumn and we found out we have a lot of things in common.  We both are very passionate about making music.  It was nice to realize that there is someone who really understands what you want to do in your life. We started working for our passion together, that's why the band has this name: The passion of our souls.  Basically that's how everything started.

LFdM: Melodic and Death are considered two forces in the finnish metal scene, I’m thinking about Omnium Gatherum or Sentenced. Did you learn anything from these bands?
Samuli: We have a lot of metal bands in Finland. I like some songs from Sentenced, but I can't really say that I learned from them musically...  Sentenced was a succesful band and as far as I know about Omnium Gatherum, they are quite similar to us, having very melodic and also rough stuff. They are well known in other countries and really succesful nowadays too. So if you work really hard for your things, you can get everywhere. Maybe that's the thing we learned from them? 
Julia: Both bands has beautiful songs, I like the lyrics by Sentenced. 

LFdM: Your music is very related to the creation of extreme countered situations: you suddenly go from a quiet part into a blasting black-like sequence and back into a softer one. What is your point of view? Could you tell us something about the lyrics? 
Julia: All the songs are basically love songs. The lyrics are written by me and they come from my own experiences and tell about finding a true soulmate and how I want everyone to find the love of their life. I really want to write about love because people are forgetting how important it is expecially when you're living hard times in this world. I want to send a message about caring and how important it is to show your feelings to the people you love.  
Samuli: That's how it comes... we wanted to make music  with catchy choruses and a bit of "Pop" touch, but remaining into Melodic Metal with influences from Death Metal etc.  

LFdM: The electronic parts are more prominent and the female voice is very impressive. How many hours  do you spend in the rehearsal room?
Samuli: Yes, Thank you. I knew that Julia can sing clean very well, but then we found out that she can actually do awesome growls as well. I was like.. huh... she has got some lungs!  We don't have  a rehearsal room with this band at the moment,  except home...  so we do all the rehearsals at home. 
Julia: Actually I had never done growls before, so that was suprising for me too.  I sing a lot with my Pop Rock band SEELE and I also studied Complete vocal technique in Helsinki. I usually sing everywhere,  for example in my car . I also work with music all the time because I'm studying to become an audio engineer. So all of my days go with music somehow.

LFdM: Can you please tell us something about your production process?
Samuli: Sure! I'm just playing guitar and then getting some ideas to riff or melody and starting to develope that. Then usually comes a  clearer image about what I want to do with the song. I'm recording instruments and then we work together. That's how it goes at the moment. Recording and mixing happens by us as well. 
Julia: It was a lazy sunday when this project started. Samuli was playing his guitar and asked me if I could growl. I was like, well I don´t know, I can try if you want. I found it easy for my voice and it actually felt like this is really something I want to do more. Then I started to write lyrics and we figured out the melody for the first song. Then we made some more songs and that's how we created "Soulmates", which will be released in march 3rd, as a self-released physical  version and  a digital  version via all major digital distributors.  

LFdM: What do we have to expect about the new teaser?
Samuli: We released few days ago a full track for streaming on youtube. The song is called "Everything" and it's the second song from the upcoming "Soulmates" EP. Not sure yet which song or teaser will come next, but you can expect Melodic metal with Death metal influences and catchy pop-style choruses. ..and of course low female growls and clean  vocals.
Julia: I think that all the songs are not just for metal music fans. I think that popstyle choruses are something that also pop and rock music fans might like. I hope that you just enjoy the music and let your feeling fly with it :) Thank you very much and greetings to readers.

Samuli: While waiting that.. subscribe to our youtube channel and be ready when it comes.
Like us on facebook and Pre-order the album as digital via Bandcamp or physical via

Thank you very much for the interview.  

Michela for Les Fleurs du Mal

01. Give Me Your Soul - 3:26
02. Everything - 4:58
03. What Tomorrow Brings - 3:53
04. Till Death Do Us Part - 5:16

Members: Julia Mattila - All Vocals
Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä - All Music

You can find The Passion of Our Soul on:

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