mercoledì 6 giugno 2018

DROPOUT KINGS - Release Official Music Video For “Scratch&Claw”, Album Cover Artwork & Track Listing!

[ photo by Tim Tronckoe ]

You never thought you’d see this day, but nu metal is definitely back for good and the time is right for a new party powerhouse: DROPOUT KINGS. The Arizona-based six-pack managed to fuse everything that was awesome back then with a modern edge that is blowing everyone’s minds right now. You might not have seen it coming, but the DROPOUT KINGS are ready to hook you up with their debut album AudioDope!

Today the band releases the music video for their second single “Scratch&Claw”. 

Watch “Scratch&Claw” HERE!

The band on the song:

This is the first song we ever worked on as a band. This song is about the everyday struggle we all go through. When you look in the mirror are you happy with what you see? The feeling of not being good enough. We all know what that feels like. This song is about dealing with those struggles and overcoming them. Every challenge is an obstacle you must overcome in your life.

AudioDope track listing:

1. Something Awful
2. Burn1
3. Going Rogue (ft. Landon Tewers)
4. Been A Bad Day
5. 503
6. Nvm
7. Scratch&Claw
8. 20 Heads
9. Street Sharks
10. AudioDope

Adam Ramey - Vocals
Eddie Wellz - Vocals
Chucky Guzman - Guitar
Staig Flynn - Guitar
Rob Sebastian - Bass
Trevor Norgren – Drums

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