lunedì 17 settembre 2018

Antimatter Press Release Sept 2018 - Album Artwork

''Mick Moss has revealed the artwork to the forthcoming 7th Antimatter album 'Black Market Enlightenment'. The art, by Mario Nevado (Antimatter 'The Judas Table') captures the albums concept, that of entheogenic substance use that quickly spiralling out of control.

Tracklisting -
The Third Arm
Partners In Crime
Liquid Light
Wish I Was Here
This Is Not Utopia
What Do You Want Me To Do?
Between The Atoms

The album, released through Music In Stone, arrives on November 9th 2018 along with the 'Black Market Tour'...

Nov 9 - 'De Boerderij', Zoetermeer, NL
Nov 13 - 'Protokultura', Gdansk, PL
Nov 14 - 'U Bazyla Club', Poznan, PL
Nov 15 - 'Geyserhaus', Leipzig, DE
Nov 16 - 'Liverpool', Wroclaw, PL
Nov 17 - 'Hydrogazadka', Warsaw, PL
Nov 18 - 'Zaścianek', Krakow, PL
Nov 19 - 'Randal Club', Bratislava, SK
Nov 25 - 'The Black Heart', Camden, London, UK

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