lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Dominance worldwide release of their 3d album “XX: The Rising Vengeance”

Dominance are back with a vengeance!

The third album (due to be released by Sliptrick Records) unleashed by the Italian deathsters packs a punch of razor-edge assaults, pounding tempos and sorrowfully melodic hooks.

XX:The Rising Vengeance is the third incarnation of Dominance, following the first full length ‘Anthems of Ancient Splendour’ from 1999 and ‘Echoes of Human Decay’ released in 2009.

A new, re-forged line-up brought new firepower to an already killing machine.

The new album will be available worldwide in chain staores and selected shops as well as digitally on each and every download and streaming platform.

XX:The Rising Vengeance, third album by italian deathsters Dominance, will be released worldwide by Sliptrick Records, Distributed by Sonic Rendezvous, MVD, Non Stop Music Records, HMV, Tower Records , Best Buy, Wall Mart, Hot Topic, Amoeba, Andromeda and several more chain stores, national and regional distributors across the globe, as well as each and every download and streaming platform.

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