venerdì 23 marzo 2018

MONSTER MAGNET - release the third track from MINDFUCKER

And the rock doesn’t stop! Some weeks ago the infamous MONSTER MAGNET released their first two singles "Mindfucker" and "Ejection" to give you all a flaming foretaste of what to expect from studio album number 11. 

Now MONSTER MAGNET comes with hit number three: "I'm God" and its lyric video complete the triple with a pulsating slab of hypnotic hell-fire guaranteed to fuck your mind just the way you like it! Listen to it. Absorb it. Worship it. That’s a commandment! 

Dave Wyndorf about the song: "Magnet aren't religious guys at all, really, but we like to bring the hell-fire when we can. Plus it's fun to sing ‘Im Godddddd! And I'm riding a river of flame!’ You should try it, too!" 

So get your last fix right HERE before the whole album "MINDFUCKER" drops on the entirety of humankind like a 10 ton thermonuclear fuzz bomb!

The full-length album will be released tomorrow on March 23, 2018, and it can be pre-ordered right HERE!

Dave Wyndorf (vocals, guitar)
Garrett Sweeny (guitar)
Phil Caivano (guitar)
Chris Kosnik (bass)
Bob Pantella (drums)    

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