venerdì 2 marzo 2018


(Claudia Steinlechner & Kai Krings)

After the latest news about the extension of the distribution partnership with UNIVERSAL MUSIC Germany and the promotion of Diana Graf as authorized officer, there is also big news in the promotion team concerning Nasrin Vahdani and Claudia Steinlechner!

Napalm Records hires new promoter Kai Krings in the Napalm Records Berlin office!

Kai Krings is definitely not unknown in the business. He worked for Metal Hammer Germany, Rock Hard Magazine and others as a Journalist. Being an active musician for over 15 years he knows how the wind blows. Now – with Napalm Records – he is about to see up the industry from the other side.

Kai states:
I´m glad to have the opportunity to expand my skills in the music industry – especially with Napalm Records. For me this label always was a yardstick for high quality releases, which was more than important being a journalist, musician and of course a fan. That´s why I´m proud to be part of the Napalm family.”

Nasrin Vahdani / Head Of Promotion will leave Napalm Records end of March 2018!

Nasrin on her personal reasons as well as on the new Napalm Records promotion team:
After almost 20 years in PR work, I started feeling the desire of doing something else for a change. That's why I decided to leave Napalm Records to face new challenges after my rather short guest appearance as Head of PR by the end of March. Just at the right time, we managed to find an extremely capable young man in Kai Krings, who will be a great asset to the company, both personally and professionally. I'm really happy that my very heartfelt colleague Claudi is now in such good company to rock the PR department! I wish you guys all the best from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Napalm Records wishes Nasrin the very best for her future and is happy to have Kai Krings as a promising new promoter in the team! Kai, welcome to the family!