lunedì 28 maggio 2018


Debut album Coming In Winter 2018!

Welcome OKKULTIST! Portuguese Death Metal, straight to the point and vicious as if summoned from the depths of abysses and the ugly layers of Hell. Inspired by the likes of Master / Abomination, early Morbid Angel, Death and Dismember, OKKULTIST picks up where impure Nineties Death Metal left and are ready to unleash upon you their debut album “REINVENTING EVIL“, that will soon be released worldwide by Fernando Ribeiro’s (MOONSPELL) new record label ALMA MATER Records!

OKKULTIST formed back in late 2015. They started playing live and spreading their raw notion of evil Death Metal on October 15th 2016. In 2017 “EYE OF THE BEHOLDER”, the band’s debut EP was unleashed independently, but caught up and spread around Europe and overseas – selling out every single printed copy.

Even at this early stage, OKKULTIST already had the honor to curse stages such as at Mosher Fest or Female Growler United Front in Portugal and as an opening act for legendary names such as Entombed AD.

They now became the very first band to sign with ALMA MATER RECORDS, Moonspell’s singer Fernando Ribeiro record label, committed to showcase all around the world, with the promo partnership of ALL NOIR and RASTILHO, conjured in Portugal, Metal from the Navigator’s land. Stay tuned on the infernal vibes of this deadly raw and PURE FVCKING EVIL Portuguese talent!

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