lunedì 22 giugno 2015

Mark Tremonti talking about “Cauterize”

The lead guitarist Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge, Creed) has realesed his second solo album "Cauterize" last June 9th via Fret 12 Records. Below our chat with Mark about the album and much more... 

Here our review about "Cauterize"

LFdM: Hi Mark, I'm honoured to welcome you with arms wide open to Les Fleurs Du Mal Webzine. It's really a pleasure to have you here with us. Let's start talking about “Cauterize”, your second solo project. Why did you chose this title? Personally it makes me think to pretty graphic images of bleeding wounds... has it something to do with that?
Mark Tremonti: No, actually it has nothing to do with that. To be honest, I would have preferred another title for the album, but the guys in the band wanted this one and I didn't want to sound too bossy, they chose this one because it sounds different from any other, it's more original and I have to confess they were right, I have never heard of an album with this title. It … sticks out.

LFdM: Yes, indeed. Can you tell us also something about the album cover artwork? I am curious to know where that image comes from. Is it an original one, made just for “Cauterize”? It makes me recall some saga imagery, like the funeral of ancient warriors, something like in King Arthur's cycle, but there's that huge scary face on the horizon...
MT: The cover artwork is an original image and it was made by my brother just for this album. He had the idea to use that kind of creepy imagery. I like that huge face emerging from the water... I think it is pretty impressive

LFdM: I had the chance to give a pre-listening to your upcoming album and I have to say it sounds really great. The rhythm section is so powerful and guitars are just pure energy! Can you tell us something about your main sources of inspiration to create such a precious thing?
MT: You know, mainly it is everyday life and all the ups and downs we all have; I mean, the hard times all we have to face, I may take inspiration from my own life and experiences or from other people's stories I heard of. Sometimes it comes from the tv news...I might find it not just in love, but also friendship, bitterness... emotions, in few words. It's a lot about relationship between the people, people you might no longer in your life and so know...

LFdM: Yeah. Can you tell us how does the songwriting process work in your band?
MT: I usually write most when not all of the music and lyrics, then I share what I have done with the band and after that the guys might want to add or change something, giving their contribution with the arrangements...

LFdM: Is there any song of this album you feel to recommend in particular to our readers for some reasons?
MT: I have to say I like all of them. Each one for some different reasons. I don't know if I would recommend one in particular. I mean, it so subjective, it can depend on your mood in the moment you are listening, or on the rhythm you feel. Personally I could think of Providence...

LFdM: Yeah, what a great epic song! Love it, definitely one of my favourite!
MT: Yeah, thanks, it's a very deep and meaningful one for me, but I could mention also Flying Monkeys, which is something completely different and so many others. I don't know.

LFdM: I watched the lyric video of another song I like a lot, “Another Heart” on youtube. Do you plan to shoot also a promotional one for this song or is there some work in progress for other songs promo videos?
MT: No, the one you see is the final, the one and only video we will ever shoot for this album, we have no intention to shoot another one for this or for any other song.

LFdM: So I suppose you will promote Cauterize mainly by touring a lot, then?
MT: Yeah, well, we scheduled a lot of shows so far and more are going to come.

LFdM: Talking about touring, what about Wolfgang Van Halen, will he follow you on tour or he is already busy with Van Halen?
MT: He will be unable to participate just in the upcoming dates of our tour, due to his prior commitment with Van Halen, but he is still part of this project and he will join us after.

LFdM: Do you already know how long will this tour last? I mean, is it possible you also might be busy...
MT: At the moment I'm not busy since I have no plan to tour with Alter Bridge...

LFdM: You red my mind...
MT: But we might decide to meet and work for another album at some point this year...

LFdM: Great news! Now, back to Cauterize, can you tell us which song of this album works better live and the reaction of the audience? What did you expect from them?
MT: So far, Another Heart works pretty well, I also like to play it a lot. We play Flying Monkeys and Cauterize too. The audience, I think, is reacting great, as usual. I expected the same reaction they had with the previous album, I mean... I have an idea people love it. We are playing more songs of All I Was at the moment, but we'll add others from Cauterize in the future.

LFdM: Now, would you mind to explain us if there is any substantial difference in having a solo project and playing in Alter Bridge? And what if one day you had to chose between the two?
MT: What would you spot as many big differences? I'd say I feel a bit more free in Tremonti, I can play more metal riffs and try to experiment something new with the sound, then in here I am lead singer, while there I play guitar and do backing vocals. I play with great musicians in both bands and I am very happy, with both. You know, the best thing is I don't have to chose, because I couldn't.

LFdM: Is there any musician or band in particular you would love to share the stage or record with?
MT: There are a lot. I can think to Metallica, for instance. It would be really great both working on an album and sharing the stage with them.

LFdM: Wow! That would be amazing! You should ask them and try to realize this, I bet it will work perfectly! Now tell me, is there any guitar player you are jealous of, despite having been considered the best one around for three years in a row? Is there someone who inspired you the most and made you want to start playing?
MT: Yes, of course, there are a lot of amazing guitar players I like. Uhm... let me think... I could say Kirk Hammet, or Eddie Van Halen, or Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Beck or Jimi Hendrix... just to mention a few among the best.. .they really inspired me a lot when I was younger and started playing guitar. I used to listen to all kind of music too, from grunge to black metal, like Celtic Frost.

LFdM: So, when you have a bit of spare time and have the chance to go and see some live acts, what kind of music would you chose? Grunge, rock'n'roll, metal...
MT: I would possibly listen to all of them, maybe I would chose bands with very interesting and inspiring guitar players

LFdM: Now one last question: what kind of advice you feel you could give to kids starting to play an instrument, especially if self taught, as you were?
MT: I'd just say follow your passion, you need no teachers, but you have to work hard. Very hard and keep trying and trying, never give up, never stop believing. Yeah, that's the most important thing: keep on moving forward and working hard to improve and make your dreams come true.

Thanks a lot Mark for your kindness and for the precious time you spent with us. Can't wait to see you onstage very soon!
MT: Thanks to you and see you soon. Bye bye

Interview by Margherita Realmonte (MeG) Les Fleurs Du Mal