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KONTINUUM – Interview for Les Fleurs Du Mal

KONTINUUM have the rare ability to create dark music that at the same time comes with an embracing warmth and emotional appeal. The Icelanders’ third album, 'No Need to Reason' continues the thread spun on previous full-length 'Kyrr', but expands the possibilities and range of the band's musical horizon.

Today, Birgir Thorgeirsson (vocals, guitars and keyboard) give us this interesting interview

Interview by Michela (Anesthesia) 
Photo cr. Saga Sig

LFdM: Hi guys, thank you so much for your time.
You are back with the new album.  'No Need to Reason' continues the thread spun on previous full-length 'Kyrr', could you tell us about it?
Birgir: It does not continue and threads from Kyrr. We continued to evolve and this album is the effort of the past 2 years. We wanted to things more our own way this time around. We worked witha producer last time around, learned alot from that but wanted to do things a bit different now. For Kyrr we where not as sure about our sound. This album really is our first real band album and we wanted that to be a priority on this album. Try to capture our live performance.

LFdM: Your sound melt into a melancholic landscapes like Iceland. What kind of role does your country play for you and for your art?
Birgir: Same as for any other person I think no matter which country your from. Your surroundings always affects you, most often subcounciously. What matter more is your mental state, relationships and life events.

LFdM: One of the things that sets Kontinuum apart from a lot of the metal scene is the evolution of your sound without never lost your identity. It's something that happens naturally?
Birgir: Yes, this naturally just happened. We have been searching for our own voice and sound. This is what happens. We consider ourselfs very free in what we do, we have no pressure to repeat ourselfs or do something rather than other.  We have an artistic integrity and belive in what comes to us is the right thing to do however it sounds or what genre it may be categorized as. Really we dont even think our our selfs as a metal band. Just happens we have that background.

LFdM: What is the songwriting process like within the band? Is there a main songwriter or do you all contribute equally?
Birgir: It it one of the things we try to vary. Initially it came more from a single source. Today we try to get the best from everyone. We have our own collaborative voice, which no single individual could come up with. This is what defines bands, after time and effort a voice is born wich is greater than the sum of its parts. It may start with an intial rough demo from one but for this one there was alot of collaboration. We then do a pre-production of everything we do, produce and work on tracks on our own prior to going to the studio.

LFdM: KONTINUUM were conceived with the declared aim to create hypnotic and spiritual musical noise in Reykjavik, Iceland in the year 2010.  Can you sum up what this journey till today?
Birgir: Its been an evolution in paralell to our lifes.

LFdM: The new album works out to ten songs, for a running time around fifty minutes. So longer compositions work better way for you?
Birgir: Is it long. For us its short. I guess its our character. We tend to naturally write longer songs. We actually try not to keep things dragging on. We usually shorten songs during pre-production.

LFdM: 'No Need to Reason' is bound to turn KONTINUUM into a household name for friends of dark ambient?
Birgir: Great. We welcome all those who connect.

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