martedì 10 luglio 2018

STONED JESUS – Release New Music Video For “Hands Resist Him”!

On September 7th STONED JESUS will administer their next dose of progressive stoner rock on Napalm Records: Pilgrims. Today the band released a brand new music video for the track “Hands Resist Him".

STONED JESUS about “Hands Resist Him”:
"One of the heaviest songs from Pilgrims, "Hands Resist Him" perfectly shows all the sides of our new album - it is dark, haunting and very personal!"

Watch “Hands Resist Him” right HERE!

With their fourth album the Ukrainian trio offers much more than an average desert session: Pilgrims is a multi-faceted affair, mixing groove with noise rock elements, lots of proggy infusions and maybe even a sick bass line reminiscent of Deftones (“Thessalia“). Giants such as Mastodon and Melvins come to mind since STONED JESUS can’t be pigeonholed.

The full track listing of Pilgrims reads as follows:
Distant Light
Hands Resist Him
Water Me

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