mercoledì 26 luglio 2017

Vulture Industries premiere second track of new album

VULTURE INDUSTRIES are unveiling the second track taken from their forthcoming album, 'Stranger Times', which has been scheduled for release on September 22nd

The song "Strangers" is presented in the form of a live video and is now exclusively being streamed by Rock Hard Italy

VULTURE INDUSTRIES comment: "The song 'Strangers' defined the sound for our new album. It became a focal point during the production process and was the first song that we mixed. This track had a slow birth, starting out in a completely different shape and expression. In the end, the opening riff remained the only part left from the original draft. 'Strangers' is one of two rather epic pieces on the album. It blends progressive rock and post-metal influences with a strong chorus and guitar leads that could make Roky Erickson howl."

Frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen also had this to say about the new album: "Continuing along the path that we started to explore on 'The Tower', I proudly believe 'Stranger Times' to be standing out as a defining work for us. It bridges the gap between styles that we have touched upon in the past, while at the same time expands our scope and includes a more solid dose of rock in the mix. To me, it represents our most 'solid' album to date and is clearly the best produced one. I am curious to see how our fans will react, but being the kind and intelligent persons that they are, we actually expect a lot of love... and maybe a bit of trash just to remind us that we are mere mortals."

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