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Today we have the pleasure to talk with Symphonic Destiny, a symphonic metal band from Temerin. For Les Fleurs du Mal it is always a pleasure to spread the work of new musicians like you, a really good and fresh band, ready to show its value to the world. So... let's start!

Les Fleurs du Mal: Let us start telling us something about your band: how would you describe your sound to someone who never listened to your songs?
Our lyrics are based on fantasy stories, and we try to describe them with our music. Also we would use different styles. Sometimes we have slow acoustic symphonic songs, sometimes heavier songs with metal riffs, it’s varying. Try think of it as a fantasy journey. You’re the adventurer and you are discovering our songs/lyrics.

LFdM: If you had to describe your new record “Midnight” to a totally profane listener, having the chance to choose just one song, which track would you pick up?
It’s a tough question, because we have 3 totally different songs on the Midnight EP. For example: Midnight has a catchy melody, and powerful music. Nightmare is a heavy song full of mystery, and fear. Homecoming is a really calm, peaceful, slow song. If we had to choose one song from the EP it would be Midnight!

LFdM: You are a symphonic band. Nowadays there are so many projects that belong to this genre, why does the symphonic metal world seem to be so attractive in your opinion?
Symphonic Metal bands usually have female vocalist combined with metal and symphonic sound. It makes the whole thing interesting and unique. You don't usually find female vocalists in other metal genres.

LFdM: Did you have any other kinds of experience in the music field, like some former band before, or this is your first one?
Yes, all of us have played or are playing in other bands as well, with the exception of Timea, this is her first time. Some of us have degrees in music theory as well .

LFdM: What's the most important influence (not only in music scene) over your creative process?
There are a lot of influences, bands like Stratovarius, Epica, Delain, and Nightwish of course, on the other side we also like film music scores. Lyrics are based on fantasy stories.

LFdM: What are your dreams now?
We are currently working on our first debut album, and after that we will be  planning a tour in our country. These are our goals, dreams, and plans for now, so stay tuned!

Thaks a lot again for that chat and good luck for your future!

Interview by Dora
Edit by Margherita (Meg)

Midnight Track List:

01. Midnight
02. Nightmare
03. Homecoming

Symphonic Destiny are:

Timea Santa - Vocals
Norbert Gobor - Keyboards
Attila Toth - Guitars
Jozsef Bacso - Bass
Attila Nemeth - Drums

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